Im 13 And Me And My Girl Bestfriend Had Sex.

It all started on spring break.. my bestfriend stayed the whole spring break with me and one night we were home alone and took a bath together, and we had our bikinis on , and we were talking about **** for some reason.. and she said well what if we tried it. and i said i dont know.. because i wasnt real sure if i wanted to because it might ruin our friendship. but i was texting somebody and then she came over and sat next to me.. so i put my phone down and turned her way and she was right there so she kissed me .. i rejected it. then it got all
awkward. so i looked at her and said .. " no matter what we do promise it wont affect our friend ship ?" she said " promise" so we got out of the bath and went to my room were both naked. next thing i know were kissing then she starts to like finger me. it lasted awhile so i did it back to her. then i layed on my bed she started eating me out. then i ate her out.. then she starting making out with me. next thing i know were on top of each other still naked then shes licking me from my boobs down to my vagina, it felt amazing. we took turns eating each other out and fingering each other. after it was done we watched some ****.. and started doing it again we did it for awhile. We do this everytime she comes over.. she lives right next to me .. we do this alot..
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How did it feel??

I have one of those too😂

How can u text in the shower??

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How does it feel?

Awesome can I watch you

Since your an adult, 18 as it says in your bio, that is illegal, you would be classified as a pedo and be a registered sex offender

Sound so hot

Hot stuff

You guys should 69.