He Was Pure Goodness . . .

He crosses my mind at least once a day . . . STILL. . . and it's been 17 years, 2 children, a cheating husband, a divorce, a 2nd marriage to a WONDERFUL MAN . . .   but the memories of that time are so precious.

We got very close to having a full blown affair and I considered leaving my then husband for him . . . but events in my own personal life caused me to stop and take a hard look at the choices I was making and I chose to stay with my husband.   We went on to have children,  And then after 15 years of marriage my HUSBAND had affair and decided to leave me for her!!! LOL

The "other guy" . . . we speak occasionally. Maybe once or twice a year.  He is married now with children.  But I will always wonder what my life might have bee like if I had altered my life for my for love him.  Even more haunting is what is was he in fact that one chance I had at a life of pure unselfish love . . . .

Feelings will always get  involved when sex is involved. Its a fact of life. . . .All we can do is go in with our wide open and look back with no regrets. Just fondness for your memories. 
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Most of us have one "that got away"

I kind of have the same dilemma right now. I have found a girl that really understands me like no one ever has and every time im with her everything's great but i don't want to or know if i should leave my current girlfriend. Me and my current girlfriend fight all the time, so im really tempted to break it off but i still love her.