It's So Easy...

to allow little tasks and errands to fill your day. You have some important things to take care of, such as getting a passport or filing your taxes or finding yourself, and you know they must be addressed with all your attention for at least five minutes or maybe five hours. And you swear you're going to call that number tomorrow and the next thing you know it's tomorrow night, only yesterday, and you're facing another full day of time eaters.

I lost a couple of friends in a couple years' span. One was much older than me, and the other was a year younger. Although both were sudden and heart related, the one that was younger hit me hardest, as I wondered how prepared at 49 we are to jump out of here and leave our earthly baggage for someone else to sort out. It struck me that if I tipped over, my family would have a nightmarish time going through my papers and junk. So I have begun to organize the documents from the boxes in the basement and create a sensible filing system.

But time marches on, and tasks such as these get set aside. Tonight I will get back on track. I have to...

Time is not a renewable resource.

JackGrey JackGrey
51-55, F
1 Response Mar 30, 2009

I thought about the very same thing..I set myself down, organized my papers, labeled this and that, threw out stupid stuff and felt pretty good about it all. If I keel over it won't be messy business. Then I got myself a cookie! Good girl