Letting Go A Good Friend...

Six months ago I met a wonderfun person, that person opened up to me in a way I never imagined, he shared his dreams, thoughts, hopes, fears, problems, and even gave me a little piece of his heart when I most needed it. I felt your pain, your anger, your sadness, and also your love, your joy and your happiness. I've never been this close to anyone, and maybe that's the reason why I'm having a hard time letting you go He never realized how much he meant to me and I don't think he ever will. Now that it's time to let him go it really hurts, because I won't get to talk to him every night until I fall asleep, that only person who knows exactly how I feel beecause he felt the same way won't be there for me anymore. What we once had was special and I felt it, so I'll remember him and the great times we had together with a smile on my face, because for the last 6 months he was my heart, he thought me so many things about life and I thank God that I got the chance to share my life with him. Tears fall down my eyes as I'm writing this because with him I wasn't afraid to show my emotions, to be myself and don't hide. I really want him to be happy and I wish him the best luck in his new life. In me he will always have a friend and I will never forget him, but it's time to move on, even if its hard, even if it hurts deep down in my heart, it's time to let go and free myself. Goodbye my almost lover, thank you so much for everything, I really hope she makes you happy, you more than anyone deserve it, you will always be in my heart.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Sometimes the hardest things to do are the ones we know are best for us, and for the person who meant everything to us. I completely understand what you're saying.