Nothing But Drama

Let me start off by saying, thank GOD I was never married to this psycho.

Anyway, I met him at the factory where I worked. He asked me out but I didn't give him an answer right away. Bout a month later, we finally did go out. He seemed to be the perfect guy. But it didn't last long. Before we had even moved in together he had shown a glimpse of his temper. I thought him going off on me was my fault, so I tried to become this submissive little mouse and walked on eggshells to keep his bomb of a temper from exploding. For some reason, a few months later I asked him to move in with me, thinking everything would get better. Right away, he took over everything from how I cleaned my house to beating my daughter right in front of me. We got in a fight about that and he threatened that he "wouldn't have a relationship like that" , whatever that meant. He went to work and bragged about how he had beat her, and my mother went off on him for it. He called me and went off on me because she went of on him. Still, I somehow thought that if I could just be more submissive, it would get better. I bought a house and we moved into that. I was in my name only because his credit was bad, which turned into my trump card, but I digress. He took over everything about that house, even though he refused to help me pay anything. We got in fights about his son, who was a holy terror, if I cleaned the house, he would do it all over again because I didn't do it "good enough", he told me that the only things I could do right was do laundry and make cheesecakes. I was starting to realize that no matter what I did, it would never make him happy, so the more he screamed and yelled at me, I would ignore him and tune him out. I stopped cleaning, cooking and doing dishes because, hey, I didn't do it right, so let Mr. Perfect do it himself. I started rebelling more and more. (and this was MY house, not his) The more he yelled and screamed at me, the more I did what he was screaming at me about. I completely ignored and tuned him out. Finally, I went to a friend's house one night and I got a phone call from him yelling and accusing me of cheating on him (again) and then he tried to kick me out of my own house. I was past fed up. He had been threatening to move out, but refused to do so because I had long since quit begging him to stay. So that night, me and my friend called the police and had him forcefully removed from my home and I changed all the locks. Even after this, he would sit out at the side of my house where there were no windows and attempt to watch me. He tried to use his key to get back into the house but luckily I had changed the locks. He stalked the house for a while till he realized I was not going to take him back.

Funny thing is, the next girl he dated, he put her thru the exact same thing. He wonders why he can't keep a girlfriend and whines about how I did him wrong when he brought it all on himself. That was the last time I tried to change who I am for anyone.

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2 Responses Oct 21, 2009

good you found strength to move this maniac out of your house, what about his son, do you let him see his son.

Wow~ that sounds a lot like my alcoholic wife beating ex~ everything was always my fault. I too became submissive and put myself in a shell~ I am glad I don't have any kids that I put thru the hell I just got out of~ I can deal with him beating me but if there was a child involved and he touched them I would have killed him after the first time~ It's never us, it's always them... but for some reason it takes us a long time to realize it. I think because we women hate to admit failure so we hold on to that hope that things will get better but until the other person can admit to their problems it never will~ STAY STRONG!!!!!! I need to too~ and if you ever need to chat I am here for you