Passed Out Wife Swap

Sheryl and I are good friends with Jeff and Kim. As couples, we go out regularly to dinner and dancing. Jeff and I fish, shoot pool, and occasionally shop at the sporting goods store together. We have lots of long chats about things, including our sex lives. Neither of us has ever mentioned a desire for the other’s wife, but I secretly lusted for Kim. A petite Blonde, Kim had small **** and a nice round ***. I just knew there was a sweet ***** between her short, thin legs. Jeff had mentioned how wild she could be in bed. My wife, Sheryl, has red hair upstairs and down. Her **** hair was almost orange, while the hair on her head was more auburn. She was a little thicker than Kim, with deeper curves and c cup ****.
The four of us had been hanging out at my house all afternoon watching the Georgia game and drinking beer. After halftime we started mixing drinks. Jeff and I drank rum and coke while the girls were mixing margaritas. By the end of the game Jeff and I were almost sober since we did more football watching than drinking. The girls, though, were totally shitfaced! They hadn’t come out of the kitchen for an hour, so we went to investigate. Sheryl slurred her speech and said, “We’ve been drinking our mistakes, and we keep messing up the drinks”. I looked at Jeff and winked, and then said, “Let me mix some up for you”. I put the mixer in the blender and poured an equal amount of tequila in. As drunk as the girls were they would hardly taste it. They both downed the drinks like sailors on shore leave. We sat them on the couch and watched the after game highlights. By the time it went off, both girls were passed out. I suggested to Jeff that they just crash in the guest room. He agreed.
I took Sheryl to our bed and ******** her naked. She looked so tempting lying there fully exposed. I was thinking seriously about ******* her then and there when I heard Jeff coming. I took 2 steps back, allowing the dresser to block Jeff from seeing me while giving him a full view of Sheryl naked on the bed. As he walked into my bedroom he was saying, “Kim is completely out”. He stopped in his tracks and was speechless as he stared at Sheryl’s naked body on the bed.
“Wanna trade?” I asked. He looked at me and paused, and then a grin appeared on his face. “Kim is naked on our bed. Meet me in the livingroom in 2 hours”. He didn’t need to ask me twice. I was almost running by the time I got to the guestroom. Sure enough, Kim was passed out and naked on the bed.
By the time I had crossed the 6 feet to the bed I was ******** of my clothes. Kim wouldn’t be the wild woman that Jeff talked about, but I was about to dip my **** into that ****. I spread Kim’s legs wide and looked at her gaping *****. She was clean shaven except for an inch wide blonde ***** that ran from the top of her slit to within an inch of her navel. I licked her **** until my tongue got tired. She was delicious! Her perfume smelled like vanilla and I ran circles around her nipples as I inhaled her scent.
Finally, I could stand it no longer. I slid my half erect **** the length of her split a couple of times, and then dove into her ***** with a full hardon. Man it felt so good! I had pictured myself ******* Kim for years and never dreamed I really would. I stroked in and out of her 10 times before I lost it and came deep inside of her.
I kissed every inch of Kim’s body while I waited for my **** to start rising again. I circled her nipples with my tongue. I kissed her lips. I pushed my tongue into her comatose mouth, moving her tongue around with mine. I kissed her neck. I rolled her onto her stomach and kissed her *** cheeks, the base of her back, and the nape of her neck. Old faithful was beginning to rise again, so I rolled Kim over and shoved it right up her **** again.
I moved slowly this time. Long slow strokes into Kim’s soft **** made me moan with delight. I looked at her face as I pumped slowly, and kissed the soft features of it, her eyelids, cheeks, and lips. After a few minutes my load built up and I dumped it hard into Jeff’s wife. I left my **** in her until it slipped out from the softening.
I sneaked over to my bedroom to check on Jeff’s progress. As I peaked in the door I saw him at work. Sheryl was on her back with her feet straight up in the air. Jeff was holding them up and out as he pumped furiously into my wife’s ****. I watched as he began to moan and pump ever faster, ending with a loud groan as he came hard in Sheryl’s *****. I slipped out and went back to Kim.
I was just beginning a fourth time pumping Kim’s **** when Jeff walked in. I looked up at him and smiled, but didn’t slow down. I saw his **** beginning to stiffen as he watched me ******* his wife. I told him to go get Sheryl and bring her in here. He returned in a flash and placed Sheryl on the bed next to Kim. We both ****** each other’s wife simultaneously and matched our strokes, keeping rhythm and causing the bed to sway like a ship at sea. We came at almost the same time, watching as we dumped into each other’s wife.
We high fived each other when we finished. I had the added pleasure of cleaning up Sheryl. Jeff had dumped a lot of *** in her. I got to see just how much as I mopped her ***** with a wash cloth. I asked Jeff if I could clean up Kim also. He said I could. As I cleaned her up I got hard again, so I ****** her once more before finishing with cleaning her up.
Jeff and I agreed that we would try this again if the opportunity arose. It’s funny to watch us on double dates now. We both encourage of wives to have another drink. I didn’t realize it, but Jeff has wanted to **** Sheryl for as long as I have wanted Kim. We succeed at getting them passed out about twice a year. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now. What a great friendship!
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more story please

Great story. What a friend you are! Wish you were mine!

My ex and I used to do this with close friends. She got really turned on when I would tell her how she had been ******.

Awesome arrangement, double pleasure of ******* a passed out women, and watching some guy **** your passed out wife....both my ultimate fantasies!! I have done both as well, but not together like this.

Sounds like a dream come true, except for that UGA reference. LOL