Son's Girlfriend Passed Out

My son Jared is 21, but lives at home and commutes to the local college. A good-looking kid, he has never had trouble getting the attention of pretty girls. Within a week of college starting, he started bringing Shannon around. Shannon is 3 years younger, but at 18 was shaping up to become a real looker! At 5’ 3”, she has short blonde hair, big blue eyes, and curves in all the right places. Although her boobs are tiny, they’re perky. She wears shear little bras since she doesn’t have much to put in them, and her nipples point towards the heavens!
One weekend Jared took Shannon out for the evening. They went clubbing and had gotten pretty ****-faced. They staggered through the door and stumbled to Jared’s room. After a few minutes I quietly tapped on his door and asked if he was okay. As he opened his door I could see Shannon passed out on the bottom bunk of Jared’s bunk bed. This hot little number had managed to get her shirt and bra off, but passed out before getting her pants off. She was lying on her back with her panties intact and her jeans around her ankles.
Jared was almost passed out as well. I helped him get undressed and into the top bunk. He was slurring his speech so bad that I could barely understand him. He was saying something about Shannon having a shaved *****, and how smooth it felt. I knew they were having sex regularly, but we had talked many times about protection. Soon Jared was out cold and snoring softly.
I looked down at Shannon passed out on the bottom bunk. Well, that shaved ***** kept running through my mind and I decided to finish undressing her so I could take a look at it. Very slowly I slipped off her shoes and pulled her jeans the rest of the way off. She didn’t move a muscle as I gently rubbed her thin, athletic legs. I roughly picked her up just enough to clear the bed, and then shoved her hard and dropped her squarely in the middle. She still didn’t move so I reach in, grabbed her panties, and pulled them off. Jared was not exaggerating when he said her **** was smooth! I stroked the outside of it for 5 minutes before slipping a finger into her little ****. At 18 she was, of course, very tight!
Before long I had enough of finger-******* this sweet little ***** and decided to go for broke. I slipped out of my boxers and climbed in with Shannon. I spread her legs and slowly entered her as I put my mouth around her left nipple. Since she was out cold her nipples weren’t getting hard, so I abandoned them and concentrated on her ******.
Watching her face to make sure she didn’t wake up, I slowly moved in and out of her. She was tight and dry. I pulled out and moved down to run my tongue the length of her slit. Yum was the first word that popped into my head. I lick her quickly, letting out as much saliva as I could muster to get her wet. Two minutes later I was back in her **** with my raging hard ****.
This time she was wet enough to work. I put the back of her knees in the crook of my arms and pushed her legs towards her head. He ***** was opened up to give me maximum penetration, and I pushed my **** into her ***** as deep as it would go. I began to move faster as I approached climax. I stared at her beautiful face as I shuttered and came deep inside of her. Boy was she out! I just kept right on stroking through my ****** and my **** stayed hard. I pumped Shannon’s ***** for what seemed like forever before feeling my *** starting to build again. By the time I came I was ******* her so hard that her tiny **** were swaying back and forth from her head to her navel. They couldn’t move that far, but you get the idea. I let out a soft moan as I dumped another load of hot *** into her tight, shaved ****.
After ******* my son’s girlfriend twice, I thought I couldn’t **** anymore. I could, however, get a few mementos of the occasion. I quickly went and got my camera. I spread Shannon wide and took pictures of her *****. I posed her and got several of her little ****, her face, and her ***. By the time I had taken a dozen pictures my rod had come back to life.
I set the camera to video and placed it on Jared’s dresser. As I ****** a Shannon third time I was getting it all on tape! This **** was award winning! I must have ****** her for an hour before I felt the *** building up in my loins. I was having the time of my life! I hadn’t ****** an 18 year old since I was in high school! As I dumped my *** into sweet Shannon’s ***** I pushed my **** to the hilt and held it there. She got every drop as deep as I could send it!
Jared dated Shannon for 6 months. I never got to repeat that night. Sometimes, though, she would come home with Jared and I could hear them ******* in his room. I would get my tape out and watch it, stroking my **** and ******* in my hand as I watched myself *** in Shannon and listened to her *** in the next room.
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Did she have your baby?

Damn, hot story. Where are the pics?

It all happened about 30 years ago. Long before we had digital cameras or the internet or computers

That was ******* great. Too bad one or more of us weren't your neighbors. You could have called us to come over and enjoy her too.

Although my father never **** my wife my brother and many others have as she is passedout

Really, What a great story!

great story about you ******* your son's girlfriend, wish it was me, I have a 22 year old that I do that to at the moment, want to swap vids mail me on

You lucky guy

Way back when I was married a close friend of my wife (Syd) came to stay with us while she looked for a flat of her own, She had emigrated from Detroit to London. England because of a job opportunity. Less than 2 weeks after she arrived my wife(Caroline) had gone to visit a brother in Cornwall. <br />
A couple of days before Caroline was due to return Syd and I had gone out to a pub with some friends of mine. After we got back we opened a bottle of wine. Before we finished our first glass Syd suddenly and brazenly plopped herself on my lap and made it clear she wanted to ****. I immediately extricated myself from her and explained that although she was very attractive I was married and didnt wish to cheat on Caroline. <br />
Syd quite accurately pointed out that my wife had not been exactly faithfull when she ****** Peter (a member of our social circle) but I said that I had forgiven her for that and our marriage had survived (I was ultimately wrong about that but at this point i was not aware Caroline had other ideas) <br />
Syd appologized for her suggestion blaming her state of inebriation and went to her room to pass out. I likewise went to my room. However after tossing and turning for half an hour I couldnt sleep because i was lusting after Syd. I started to ********** to ease the sexual tension but it only succeeded in increasing my desire to **** Syd. <br />
Finally, completely naked with a full hard-on I crept into Syd's room. In near darkness I eased onto the bed and under the blanket. Immediately I realised that Syd was also completely naked. In silence I started stroking her body gradually working my way to her very firm, full breasts. As there was no protest from her I slowly ran my hands down her body to her ***** and deftly slipped a finger inside her. She finally gave a reaction by moaning a couple of times and then suddenly throwing back the covers and without a word fled the room. <br />
I sat for a few moments considering my options. I decided to retreat to my room and take care of my lust on myh own. <br />
The next morning not a word about what had happened passed between us although it felt very awkward. Syd found a flat a few weeks later and I dont think she ever told Caroline about the incident and I certainly didnt. <br />
Less than a year later Caroline and I were separated pending divorce and as it goes I did have sex with Syd. It was quite terrible. Turns out she is a bona fide size-queen and she was totally unimpressed with my tiny **** and although we ****** she barely went thru the motions before making me stop and giving me a mercy ****.