Marion's Panties

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Marion's Panties

Posted June 18th, 2011 at 2:04PM

You maybe wonder why I chose the unlikely name of marionspanties. There are two reasons. The first reason is that my name is Marion. The second reason goes back a few years to when I first started working at the Minneapolis law firm. My first position there was as a file clerk. Back then all of us office girls wore skirts or dresses. Squatting down to access the bottom drawer in the file cabinet apparently caused my skirt to ride up so my panties showed. One day one of the other girls told me that a few of the male lawyers had a calendar where they recorded the color of the panties I was wearing that day. At first I was mortified, but later on I realized I rather enjoyed the attention I was getting so I kept letting them look up my skirt. 

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27 Responses Jun 18, 2011


I never seem to tire of getting a glimpse now and then. I will have to look around here a little more.

I had the same experience as a RN I would have to wear dresses and found men looking all the time including patients. I also loved the attentio and said owe so what.

How about pantyhose with a feature "ready for action? (wonder about MY fantasies sometimes) These men with there one-track minds.

Fantastic story.......I'm even guessing the colour now, and I haven't (unfortunately) seen you in real life. :)

The lady in the office next to me comes to visit often. We are both executives with office outfitted with a couch and comfortable chairs. This lady quite often sits with her legs slightly parted and I see the promised land often. I enjoy her visits.

Lucky you !!

I'd enjoy looking too !!

Would like to see what the boys in the office are talking about.

I would have to admit that I would not look away and I might even look down your blouse ..I know ...not cool..I think office work makes me think nasty thoughts..all the time !

Believe me, your thoughts are very cool to some of us!!

...and a happy tease too!<br />
<br />
I've a lady I run across regularly who often dresses like a sex crime looking for a place to happen. It makes me feel better every time.

I would not be able to resist looking.

That is awesome. As a ******* freak, I would love to see you file away every morning. Checking out what surprises you have for us guys today. Ever do pantyhose without panties? after all, pantyhose HAVE panties built in.

I agree that all men like to look, some are just better at hiding it. Personally, I can't get enough of seeing a woman's legs, butt, cleavage, or *****. My wife is a tease, she loves showing herself, and I enjoy it as well when she does it.<br />
Marion, you are definitely not a freak; most women like to get as much attention as they can, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I know I would look if I had a chance to see your panties ;-)

hi, i think its great what you do,i very much enjoy getting panty peeks,it makes my day when it happens,wish more women did it,and when they are as sexy as you,its super,if you every want to send a panty pic 701-371-3426 would be sweet,take care and keep up the good work

wud love to be in your office Marison:)

All men like to see womens panties, if there is a chance to see up you skirt our eyes are looking. for them that dont look they want to, but are affraid of getting caught. they are just not brave enough to look.<br />
I say....LOOK...what harm is there in looking...

Great story thanks for sharing.

All menlike to see womens panties, if there is a chance to see up you skirt our eyes are drawn like magnits. for thoes that dont look they want to but are affraid of getting caught. there just not brave enough to look

That is so hot!! Seeing a peek of panties, butt cleavage, or down a blouse is so erotic. Visible panty line is nice as well. I know several places in the twin cities where I can see through a crack in the door or where they have curtains on the dressing rooms where the curtains don't close all the way. Instant wood! If low rise jeans and thongs ever go out of style I will be in mourning. When I go grocery shopping I don't look for the shortest checkout line. I look to get in line behind a women in a low cut blouse with lots of items in the bottom of the shopping cart. Oh, and standing near a glass elevator. . .need I say more. Short skirts and glass elevators are two of the greatest things ever invented. Of course, the holy grail is when a woman goes commando on a windy day in a skirt. There's a restaurant in Tokyo where the waitresses wear short skirts and floor is mirrored. I must go there one day.

You are ******* hot.

You can spread your legs anytime for me i'd loved to look panties!! PLEASE!!

yes i agree thats so hot looking up a womans skirt hmmmmmmmmmmmm

love to see a sneak peek at panties

and youve got the body to do it mmm

and youve got the body to do it mmm

Sounds like you have a fetish of people looking at you, it is 100% natural, as it caused a form of ecstasy, and humans tend to do things that bring them any form of pleasure.<br />
@Ajjack - you too have fetishes, everyone has them, do not call anyone a freak, as everyone is in, some shape or form a freak

Thank you for coming to my defense.

That is freaky. Are u a freak?

No, I'm not a freak. I just enjoy teasing guys.

you are not a freak. you are a beautiful woman

Are you a troll? Is this all you can do, go around calling people freaks because they don't match up to your expectations of how they should behave?