Looking Up Other Girls Skirts

I love wearing short skirts, summer dresses, short shorts, yoga pants or leggings that are so tight you can see the outline of my panties. I love wearing clothing that shows off my panties. Whether it be my panties peeking up over the waistband of my pants or shorts, or sitting down and giving a nice ******* view or the wind blowing up my dress giving a nice glimpse of my panties or wearing tight pants, yoga pants, or leggings that show off a nice visible panty line. Its such a turn on to know a guy is following you through the mall because your panties are showing, or that a guy is sitting by you so he can look up your skirt or dress, its such a turn on. Its amazing how long a guy will follow you when your panties are showing. And it also turns me on when I see a woman with her panties showing, yes I admit I have followed another woman just to keep looking at her panties showing, just gets me so wet to know the type of panties she is wearing and fantasizing about how they are pressed against her soaking up all her juices. Knowing how my panties get wet I wonder how many other woman are walking around with damp crotches. I also wonder how many women know there panties are showing like I do and don't do anything to hide there panties, I know I like the attention and it turns me on so other woman have to be doing the same thing. Being a woman with a panty fetish has it advantages I can have double the pleasure, I can not only get off on others seeing my panties but I can get off on seeing other womens panties and follow them, talk to them, and even stare and they are not bothered but it as they have no clue I am turned on seeing there panties. If only they knew how soaked my panties are seeing there panties peeking.
apantygirl apantygirl
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Hi pantygirl,how about windy days .I just love it when my dresses get blown up in public , don't you? I also like to peek down blouses as I like to show off my breast too .

i follow girls like you all the time! theres nothing better than watching a nice bum in overtight trousers with the panties clearly showing wiggle and bounce, i always wonder if they know im looking and if theyre soaking wet by it. ill look until i have a clear mental image of it then go home and unload, its amazing!

I love that you love panties too.

I would follow you forever, especially if I knew how wet your panties are. Your post has definitely help release my tension today xx

MMmm you sound like a great girl, I myself love seeing pantylines, especially small ones under jeans etc, it's such a turn on !!