I Let Men Look By Accident

OMG I didn't realise other women were like me too! I have been trying to let my panties show for several years but could never tell anyone. Sometimes I do it on the bus or even when I take my daughter to the shops or park. I have even tried it where I work at a care home for elderly. Not always sure if the men see but I'm sure some do. I always pretend I don't know I'm doing it. My question is , is it ok to keep doing it and how often? It really turns me on.
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How often? For ever especially as you enjoy it.

You should leave the panties off and let them see up your skirt. See what happens then. MMMmmmmm

I personaly don't think it is ok you have a daughter ever herd of and I quote "Monky see monky do

It is always appreciated but not always obviously commented on.

you should show men what is between your legs as often as you can...with or without panties...my favorite would be with little thongs that end up enveloped between your nice lips!

Will you friend me as well please?

It's definitely ok Sally, you are doing a wonderful thing. Letting a man or woman see up your skirt is a special moment for everyone concerned, the feelings of butterflies you get is matched by those feelings the viewer gets. I think you should manage one show of your knickers everyday, that way at least one other person in the world knows what you have on under your demure skirt all the while. I dream of those moments that you provide for people xx

Oh my! OK I will try

Thank you and I have been almost everyday x

You should defenitly continue,, as for how often,, chance opportunaties are always a good way to get in a extra thrill,, and if you think it ok,, go to work everyday with the intension of giving the boys a show,, I know they would appreciate it. Some readers have suggested that you 'forget' to wear your panties,, that's a good idea, worth considering

Oh Dave just what I was hoping to hear xxx

What if we started a fan club and we bought you (with fanclub contributions) pretty lingerie that shows off and enhances the look of your pretty Cunney and breasts , legs etc. Just an idea!

I love the way you get the butterflies when you think someone is looking. I hope you get to the point that you never wear panties. I love seeing women that "accidentally" expose. You are a lovely woman, inside and out.

Maybe I need someone to tell me never to wear them anymore x

Sally, do not wear your panties anymore when wearing shorts or dresses or tight leggings. Your shorts should be loose legged too.


Did that work - after a minor surgery a long time ago when they shaved me clean and stitched me up - my underwear had to disappear for about 10 days. I learned how nice and clean it felt and have stayed that way ever since. Shaved and commando--what would you call that on a lady ?

This is NEVER odd Sally. It's an incredibly sexually arousing experience - believe it or not, the men would love to think you meant to do it. They feel they've sneaked something that shouldn't be there, but 'knowing' that you've shown them in such a way can be so horny. There can never be too much.....

yes! im sure those old men love to see it, and ill bet theyre more than pleased, after all how often do they get it up in those places? and as for the bus and the park, WOW. i wish there were women like you by me :)

Thank you for all your comments an encouragement x

yes, keep doing it, please don't stop, do it as often as you like.

love your stories ! can wait till your brave enough to expose your self with no panties on. now that will be one hell of a story! Cheers great job!

Oh gosh! Your not the first to suggest doing it without panties! I have only ever done it with panties and although it would be soo sexy to try without in not sure if in brave enough

OMG!! No panties???

do it!! it's about what u like!!

How much? x

Whenever YOU want too! Anytime you feel like putting your kitty on display, we'll be more than willing to look! Anytime, any place...

My sissy hubby and I went to several christmas this year. He always likes it when I wear skirts. After afew drinks I would let him attempt to sneak some pics up my skirt. It's not too bad since I was always wearing tights or pantyhose lol.

ooo that sound sexy

It was!

I had to smile reading your post; it's a anxious naughty fun what you are attempting. It's kinda like sneaking something you're not suppose to and getting away with it and only you know you got away with it when you know they looked! A real rush. Here's a favorite for me. As pull into a parking space in the parking lot at the mall or grocery store or etc. if I am appropriatley dressed (planned or unplanned in dress attire) I check to see if a suspect is available. A guy waiting in the car is always fun cause he can't just walk by quickly. ;-) If so I place the hem of my skirt accordingly and open the car door and put out one leg and pretend to be occupied with texting on the phone. How long I pretend to text depends on if I suspect I have his attention or not. Usually lasts a few seconds but the turn on is a lasting thing. From one flasher to another, good flashing! xo babs

Oh babs thank you for you comments is so nice to hear from someone else that actually does the same. I must say though you sound as if you have a lot more experience than me. I would definitely try out your method if I had a car. It would be nice to hear any other ideas or suggestions that would help me.

of course its ok. keep doing it as often as you can. It turns us on also looking up your skirt. you keep flashing and i'll keep looking

Ok thanks for you encouragement that's all I need to make me do it more and maybe some suggestions too x

Almost all men would enjoy it, have fun.

Thanks for your comment, are you also saying do it more?

Men, no matter what age appreciate something like that. Have fun and be safe.