At The Care Home

,Ok here goes, I can't believe I'm actually sharing this, this is the first time for me so sorry if its not very good. I have had some nice words of encouragement which made me want to do it.
I work as a domestic and companion in an old peoples home near where I live. Today was the first time i went actually intending to let some men see up my skirt. Uniform is a black skirt and white blouse but instead of the skirt i usually wear i wore a different one. I is black but about 4 inches shorter (just above my knees). Felt nervous but excited on the bus to work.
One of my jobs is to collect the lunch plates from the residents rooms after they have finished. The resident are all old between 65 and 85. Twelve are male. The last gentleman i collected from is a nice old man in his 70's.
He was sitting in his wheelchair watching tv and spoke to me when i went in about how i was and then about the weather. When i picked up his tray i accidentally on purpose dropped the cutlery on the floor in front of him. I squatted down with my knees towards him parting them slightly to pick them up. I picked them up one at a time and put them back on the tray all the time with my knees apart. From where he was sitting he could see right up my skirt , my white panties were in clear view to him for at least 10 seconds. It was such a thrill to know he could see them. I pretend that I didn't know he could see them but I could see his eyes were looking at my panties. Just as I stood up I let my knees part a little further wanting him to get a nice look at my crotch. I was so aroused by the experience my heart was racing and I felt really naughty.
I hope he enjoyed it too.
Maybe I should do it again sometime. x
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I bet you *********** at home afterwards!

oh i loved that i wish you would do it more to the old men and tell us about it and there reactions x

I love looking up ladies dresses seeing their white silky nylon panties as well as a lacey silky nylon slip as seeing this makes my **** soovery hard leaking my precum into my sz5 pink plastic baby pants .As I write this iam naked wearing only my sz5 pink plastic baby pants slowly wanking my hard **** through the pink plastic it feeellssoogoood against my hard **** now iam ******* shooting my white sticky *** into them.
I also love wearing ladies worn silky nylon panties .slips ,bras,pantygirdles,silky shiny dresses and plastic raincoats.

so naughty, bet you were very wet !!

Good Girl. And if they let you, wear a white skirt instead of black. White allows more light in there, makes it easier to see. Add me? I'd love to chat/get acquainted. Thanks.

Without a doubt the gent enjoyed your efforts.

was a ice treat for the nice old man, i'm sure u made his day

That was a beautiful gesture. I know he was as stimulated as you were. Its just as deliciously naughty to peek as it is to show.

I hope so. Thank you x

Yep that would have been the highlight of my day!! If I were that bloke!!

Well Sally I dont go groping for the soap or anything LOL but I do get an eye full and it's exciting to see those old boys grow in size if not get fully erect like in their younger days.
Let me tell you you havent lived till you've felt a randy old mans face nuzzling into your nylon panty crotch........I just act like I don't notice or care, after all I'm wearing underwear so it's ok isnt it ...?
Anyway as I said it doesnt happen every day or I'd get caught, bath time is very exciting.
Sometimes I feel guilty like I'm a **** or something but really it's just erotica isnt it ? It's not like I'm sleeping around.
Love shoe shops, out of the way ones where there's just one male salesman older guy, I'm sure they just run those businesses to get an eyeful.
Walk in browsing shoes and see him out of the corner of your eye staring in anticipation....HA almost shaking with excitment as he tries to get you to try on some shoes, eventually you sit down.......on the edge of the seat so he can get a better view, he sites in front of you on one of those foot stool things, I can get a good view of his crotch, legs spread, as I try shoes on one foot is raised and his head is at skirt hen kevel, perfect for a good close up, I watch his crotch erotic.
White panties, white slip and sometimes stockings.....
Libraries are another story where I give lonely guys an eyeful to remember, I sometimes wonder how many men are *********** thinking about the view they had up my skirt.
I think about this when my husband and I are having sex..........Sally you really must get more into this it's the most erotic feeling.....

I'm a helper really you dont have to be a registered nurse to give baths.
I dont do this every day or with everyone mind you just the ones who appear desperate and are randy. I also have fun at libraries and shoe shops.
My husband is away a lot and I get bored.

It such a relief to find someone similar to me. What actually happens when you give them a bath. It sounds naughty but exciting.

I think that is wonderful of you to give the older guys a view of your knickers. They probably think that in their situation those experiences have now passed for them by, so it's great that they can still enjoy one of life's greatest pleasures x

Old guys may not have long to go it's exciting to give them a thrill, I imagine being a nurse in an aged care home and taking a randy old fellow for his bath, you can tell the ones , they stare at you hoping you'll give them a peek, they still have the desire but not the ability any more.
I help him in the bath then stand at the side of the bath washing his back, my legs are spread for stability and I'm not wearing pantyhose because they will get wet, white full cut panties. His head is in line with the hem of my white nurses uniform and he's trying to get closer to actually put his head under there............I.m excited now, heart racing.
I need to get closer to wash his hair and back properly so I have to sit on the side of the bath with my feet in the water, his head is now in a direct line with my knees, up close.
The look on his face is priceless, I lean forward to reach his back and my legs naturally part, his head moves between my legs he gets the ultimate close up and can now probably smell my sweet crotch. I lean forward to get to the lower part of his back and his face moves forward between my legs and rests on my panties crotch.........I'm almost coming. That will give him and me memories for a lifetime, we both look forward to bath time now LOL..........(true story)

Wow sexy. I'm not a nurse through just domestic an companion.

Very erotic thinking of those old guys pulling their stiffy at the sight of your panties.

Yes I often wonder if they play with their penises and if they are all wrinkly lol x

I imagine you made his day!

And mine x

Wow! I should be so lucky when I'm that old.

Love to hear more...

Something to look forward to when they put me out to pasture.

So, how many men at the Care Home have seen you knickers now? And have any been treated to this view a number of times now? And is the Care Home taking bookings in advance?!!

Only 4 a couple of times x

Sally keep up the good work. You're not just giving those elderly men erections.

Elderly ??? Sally -- let me tell you I turned 70 a couple weeks ago. I am not dead--I run two businesses and have started a new career as a movie actor-not an extra- I go to the gym and I go hiking during good weather 3-4 times a week-usually naked and stroking a woody while looking for someone to play with- if you get the drift. Your clients may be in wheel chairs for one reason or another but their minds are still alive and working. The mind is and always has been the biggest and most important sex organ. You are doing these gentlemen a huge service by exposing your parts innocently. I bet this gentleman talked to you about the weather and more after his showing. Keep it up.

Wow you sound amazing . so are you saying keep showing them? xxx

0YES U owe it to humanity

Ok how often x

I am in my 70s. Trust me, I still get hard when looking up a ladies dress. To tell the truth though I'd rather there be no panties and the legs spread wider. A knowing smile while I'm staring is very exciting. Thanks for what you do for the oldsters.

Oh my I love that you get erect like that and thank you for letting me know what elderly men like. Are you saying I need to show my ***** better and for longer to to residents where I work even if they are 70+ ? xxxx

MMMMM Yup-longer and better after all they have poorer eyesight and it takes longer to get the juices flowing.. Yep longer and better. Want to practice on me?

How long a look do I need to give them and should it be without panties and how many of them need to see? I really want to cheer them up xxxxx

One of the prettiest things on earth is looking at a ***** from behind when a lady bends way over with her legs spread somewhat apart. Like a ******** would- a guy imagination starts to go wild- he'll start remembering that one lady that he may have slid his face directly to or slipped his **** in and dreamed of heaven. It brings back both memories and lights up his imagination of hope.

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You may also give him a heart attack.

You certainly know how to convey the illicit thrill of allowing yourself to be used as a source of pleasure for horny maledom.

Thank you yes i like that the men can use me like that, I hope they get erections. x

I'm sure they do get erections, hell I get them myself thinking about you flashing !!

Coolestgirl....... "Horney maledom" Lots of woman would sneek a peek too!!

I suppose that must be true.

I'm sure you seen a sexy girl and thought......... Thats hot, wonder what she's like in bed, as you Raped her with your eyes

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Should I just let one of them see by accident or others too? It excites me to think more of them have had a look at my panties! x

Let a few of them look...then they can discuss you afterwards

I let two of them see up my skirt today is that enough or should it be more? x

it's all about what u like to do. they just get the benefits of your personal enjoyment.

Maybe you can try and let them all get a glimpse over the next week or so?

I think you should make it a bit more obvious, open your legs wider, then glance up at them smiling, see what their reaction is.

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You should keep doing it with him as often as you can, making it look innocent though, maybe he'll say something to you one day, even thank you for the pleasure you give him.

let em' see!! they will be excited every time u walk into their room!!

Thank you I really needed to know if it would be ok to let them see my panties again. I'm glad to know you want me too. I wasn't sure if it was ok for a 33 year old women to let her panties show to a man over 70 but it does turn me on.

It's quite ok for you to show your panties to men of any age, we all enjoy the view.

OMG not sure if i would be brave enough to go without panties! Are you saying i should caryy on letting the old men there see?

If you aren't brave enough to go without panties, I would suggest wearing some very sheer panties instead. You may even want to cut out the little cotton liner so that they can get an amazing view of your crotch… It'll make you feel so excited and horny to know that your only covered with very thin see-through fabric.

I'd love to see that myself !!

You can believe that he did enjoy it, made his week.

I hope so it was fun