Shoe Shopping

OMG I did it again but this time more than once! After lots of encouragement from friends here I wanted to try and be a little braver so I planned a trip to town.
I had my navy blue skirt on which is mid thigh length and a jumper and short coat. A little cold out now so I put on stockings and new white thong panties. I also wore my high black heels that I bought at Christmas. I caught the bus which was occupied by only an old lady and a young mother with a push chair. I was pretty nervous thinking about what might happen but excited at the same time. I paid the driver, sat at the very back of the bus and wondered if I could be daring enough to let something happen. I new I wouldn't unless I made myself some sort of rules that I should stick to. So.. I told myself that no matter what I must try to let my panties show to any men that got on the bus. I thought about you guys on here and said to myself that you would want me to do that and that you would be pleased with me if I did. also because its was in the week not many guys would be catching the bus anyway.

There's only 6 stops until I get to town and i wondered if any men would be getting on. I felt nervous in my tummy, like little butterflies.
The first two stops only women got on, but at the third I could see a man waiting as the bus pulled up. I moved to the middle of the seat so I was I front of the aisle. Now I really was starting to get excited. I pulled my skirt up higher almost to the tops of my thighs and crossed my legs. Now I really did have butterflies!!
The man that got on must have been about 50 shortish and fat. I wasn't sure about letting him see but reminded myself of the rule I made and so as he walked up the aisle I slowly uncrossed my legs letting a white triangle of my panties show to him. I pretended to be texting on my phone and was aware of him looking in my direction. I briefly looked up from my phone and saw him looking directly towards me and my panties. He looked surprised and gave a sort of embarrassed half smile. I was shocked and quickly looked away and crossed my legs again to hide my dignity. My heart was beating fast and i felt my cheeks go red but the feeling in my tummy was exhilarating! O god i thought that man just saw my knickers! He sat down a few seats in front and i was relieved he was now facing away from me.
The bus set off and the feeling of butterflies in my tummy started to go. I can't describe easily how it felt but it was a warm tickly feeling and a light headed sensation almost dreamy.
The next stop had a queue three men and two women. O god I have to show three??? I thought to myself. I really was nervous now and wondered if I could go through with it! As the women paid I knew that I had to stick to my rules but they would be getting on one after the other!!! The only way all would get a look is if I let my panties show until they had all sat down! I couldn't be crossing and uncrossing my legs each time it would look too obvious. The women sat down and that was when I uncrossed my legs again. My heart was really beating now and the butterflies returned even stronger. As the first finished paying I glanced down only to see that the bumpy ride and uncrossing my legs had made my skirt ride up more!! I panicked there was a white triangle of my panties showing that must have been about 3 inches across. I wanted to cover it a little but it was too late the first of the men was coming up the bus. I didn't dare move otherwise he would have realised I knew my panties were on show and I needed him to think they were showing by accident! So there I was with a lot of my panties showing and three men about to get a good view of them. I didn't dare look up I just sat concentrating on my phone with my panties on display as the men all one after the other paid the driver then walked up the aisle and took their seats. Each one seemed to take an age and it felt like my panties were on show for ever I knew they all had a clear view and that each of them would be looking directly at the white triangle of the front of my panties. Only a thin covering of cotton between them and the slit of my private. I felt so aroused and scared at the same time it was a sensational feeling. I could also feel that my clitty was aroused. When that happens it kind of pokes out a bit and it was rubbing against the inside of my panties. After they had all sat down I quickly crossed my legs and pulled my skirt down to cover up.
My heart was beating so loud I thought the whole bus would hear it.

When we arrived in town I let everyone get of first and my legs were trembling as I stepped off. I had to go to a cafe and get myself a coffee to calm down.
I felt sexy and liberated confident now and euphoric.
I made my way to the shoe shops.
Unfortunately all of the assistants in them were women so thought nothing else would happen today. But determined not to let my friends here down I really wanted to put on one more show. In the last shop I could see several male customers. Waiting for the right time I could see one gentleman in about his 30s shopping with a woman and a little girl. I assumed his wife a daughter. She was busy with her little girl trying on school shoes or something and he was wandering the mens section. I picked up a couple of pairs of shoes and sat on a small stool near one of the little mirrors. My heart started race again as I new I could let him have a view if he came near enough. It was tantalising seeing him coming closer but then moving away. Finally he stood at the end of the racks near to me. I had to turn a little to face him and as I glanced at him he looked at me and looked awkwardly away. I started to try on the shoes making sure that my skirt pushed up as I did. I could feel him looking at me and he loitered at the end of the rack pretending to look at trainers but I could see in the small mirror near my feet that he was really looking in my direction. I pretended to struggle with the buckle on the shoe so sat up and placed my left ankle across my right knee. OMG! this made a huge amount of the front of my panties show. My skirt pushed right up!!! I quickly put my foot back to the floor knowing he had got a huge eyefull of white knickers. Now my heart was really pounding and i could feel a heat between my legs which felt so good.
When i looked up i thought he had gone but then i noticed that he had just moved behind another rack just infront of me, i could just see him through the gaps in the shelve pretending to look at the trainers but really looking straight through to my knees. i pretended i didnt notice him and tried the other shoe on. Was he really trying to look up my skirt? a couple of times he stood up and looked around as if to see where his wife was and bobbed down again in the same spot.
Should i let them show again? could i? My head was light and i felt so aroused i really wanted to but was so nervous about it the butterflies were really bad now but felt so nice too.
i put my right anckle across my left knee once again revealing the entire front section of my new white panties. Wow it felt good to be like this. My hands were trembling i was having trouble with the buckle. Oh God with him bent down like that his eyes were almost level with my panties! from there he would also have seen where my panties cover my crotch!! It took about 15 seconds to fasten the buckle i was trying to hurry but it just wouldnt fasten, for every second of the 15 he was looking directly at my panties i could almost feel them all over the front and down between my legs. Eventually it did and i stood up smoothing my skirt down as i did so. i walked around pretending that i didnt know anything had happened but inside i was boiling with excitement. He quickly moved away and back to his wife.

When i went home on the bus it was full up and i had to sit at the front which was quite a relief. I thought to myself 5 men seeing my panties was enough for a day and i dont think i could have taken being aroused that much again without release. needles to say i had some fun by myself after at home thinking about the day.

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Loved reading your experience of you flashing your knickers 😉 It was a real turn on actually picturing the experience in my mind 😉 I'd love to hear more of your experiences....😉

Wow wish I had been on that bus I love looking up skirts I love it when other men look up my wifes skirt with her black tights and white knickers on I nearly *** in my pants when I see em looking

Very nice story. I love reading about women that like to show off while shoe shopping. Hope to see more of your stories!

The reward at the end of the bottled up arousal, bet your home was quite explosive... kiss... Escondido

That is just so hot. It gave me an instant erection that I had to relieve. Thanks you so much.

Pity you couldn't find a male shoe salesman but you did well,

Very Very Nice. I cant wait until this begins to pale and you start to go pantiless..... yummmm!!

Mmm I'd love to see that too, but also I'm quiet happy to see panties !

Just reading your story makes me want to **********

I always wonder if you always know when you are showing your panties. The nonchalance of the whole adventure makes it very arousing and exciting. Thanks for sharing

This story is so hot, it perfectly reflects the arousal and shame combination when doing this, plus the fear of getting caught... I love your panties and I am sure they liked them even more lol...


Great story. Wish I had been there yo look up your skirt. I love your rule that you must let any man see your panties. No picking and choosing. Next time after showing yourpanties to a few men take your panties off, maybe where you can be seen, and leave them where they can be found and taken by someone.

You are a very sexy lady and I would love to have seen what the guy in the shop saw, just reading your story has made me really horny I will be having a **** thinking about it later

god Sally you are my perfect your adventurous side, the nervousness, yet the wanton desire to have men look...all of them wanting too

You are such a relief ...from so many other women that have no sense of adventure and fun for you and others who like to look.... Would you consider going to the next level and allowing someone to feel you up?

Not sure x

Thank you so much. You brought me along with you on your bus ride! I love seeing a glimpse of thighs and knickers. It makes me tingle with imagining the feel of your warm, soft, smooth skin under my fingertips as I trace lines along your thighs. I can picture as you describe it, the shape of your mound under your knickers and the material indented slightly at your crease. I'm hopelessly turned on by the picture you drew for me.

But the thing that has my hard-on raging is how you described your bud stiffening and rubbing against the fabric of your panties. My heart is racing and you have my throbbing and pulsing. I'm straining against my own trunks, and I know that if I check there'll be a moist patch starting to spread at the tip.

Oh my! Thank you x

Wow this story is so hot ,loved reading it.I am one of those men that love seeing a woman's panties when it happens accidentally.That is such a huge turn on,thanks for this story Sally.

Yw thank you for comment

Ah Sally thank you for such a sexy story.

Sally you tell a very good hot story gripping.

Try x

That was an incredible story in itself but after seeing your beautiful pictures I'm breathless! My heart is racing, my hands ate trembling trying to type this and my **** is rock solid in my hand! You are a sexy vixen!

Thank you so much I like it when men get erections to me xx

Thank you for sharing this with us, the story is so sexy. I dream of finding myself in this situation, a lady who is actually intent on showing her knickers and letting men look up her skirt. I often try to peek while I'm out and about, but most ladies are so careful, and of course we don't want to be caught in the act. Seeing up a woman's skirt is the sexiest experience I can think of, and I'd like to know from your view point how it feels to wield that power? The feeling you have when you see a guy looking up your skirt must be amazing x

It is and I know they won't do anything because they really shouldn't be looking x

I love trying on shoes and those out of theway shoe shops with an old man as the salesman with no one else there. I think they wait all day for a woman in a skirt to come into their shop. I wear a shortish skirt, white petticoat and full cut nylon panties, bare legs, I pretend to be looking at the shoes in the window and can see the old guy starting out at me in anticipation, I go inside and can see his eyes are fixated on the hem of my skirt, I love the feeling of power and that this guy will see the works.
I act as if I dont care or know, he is directly in front of me and my legs are open. I love it.

I know how you feel its such a rush and so naughty

I love the story dirty and so well written. Brava!

Thank you x

So describe the feeling for me of knowing all these guys want to look up your skirt? Also, are you generally a shy person or is this the norm for you? I am genuinely fascinated

Mmmmmm yep got a ***** from this one!! I'd want to help you try on shoes all day , perhaps sniff your sopping wet panties . Thank you for being your understanding self Cameltoe up a skirt is a FINE thing.

Your welcome, thank you for getting an erection x

You must have diddled your **** to a frenzy when you got home.
A good story, but what a great experiance for you. !

Yes Dave diddled it is exactly how I would describe it. It tends to poke out when I get aroused. Then I love to diddle with it lol x

O.K. Now it's official,, your a hottie ! I would love to be the man that views your un-pantied ***** to the point where I could see your hard little **** poking up looking for attention.

Hmmmmm .... Nice....I would have love to be on that buss and watched you get offff...

I bet those new white white panties were soaking wet by the time you got home !!

I loved the story, very exciting.

Thank you x

Wow! My clitty is tingling now!

Wow, you are incredible!! Thanks for this, plenty for me to think about tonight! X

Did you think about it? x

My God did I! - Just the thought of it again, I can't describe how quickly it makes me have more than butterflies, and my imagination runs wild.

OMG - How thoroughly exciting! I bet the bus driver got a thrill in his rear view mirror too - you didn't think about him did you? Next time on the bus, you could just thrill him! Sit where you did, but as everyone else is facing forward, you can hitch up your skirt and open your legs whilst sat there. I love the thought of the stocking tops on show too though - especially when you were crossing your legs to buckle the shoes. Obviously he was sneaking a peak and with his family, so a little 'wink' from you as you look at him afterward would make his whole year!!!!

O my gosh no I didn't think about the driver do you think he saw too?? x

I'm certain you made his journey! I bet he volunteers for that route every day - if you get a free ride then he definitely saw you! Try next time to thrill him alone, but completely. No panties, shorter skirt and knees as far apart as you dare!!! Let us know...

That was so much fun to read! You are wonderful for doing this and I hope you continue to do it and never lose the excitement of it.

Thank you x

be more positive. you were wet right? did you have an ******? its a win win

Ok I will try. Yes I was wet. As soon as I got home I had my skirt and panties off and was giving my ***** what it needed. When in aroused that much my flirty comes out and feels hard to the touch. Yes I had an ****** when I rubbed it.

I might even start taking the bus if you were on it :)

Ooo would you want to see my panties or exposed *****?

I would love to see your panties and then watch as you pulled them to one side so I could catch a glimpse of your ***** !!!!!

O very naughty boy xxx

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I think you should still wear knickers some of the time, particularly at work. If people think you ate deliberately flashing , it might actually be less of a kick. If and when I do follow suit, I think Inwould prefer to let the spectators think they are stealing a look at hidden treasure.

Yes that's exactly how I like it like they are stealing a look and they think I really don't know. It makes them the naughty one peeping up my skirt and trying to see my panties

Great story giving all those men a thrill, reminds me of my High School days and the views the girls gave us. I bet quite a few women enjoy the view too, maybe you should try doing it again in the shoe shop with a sales lady to see her reaction, possibly they're used to it though.

catching a flash up a skirt or down a blouse (or through a loosely buttoned blouse) is one of the pleasures of a man's day.. that thrill of seeing something we're not supposed to, it's every bit the thrill for the guy as it is for you.. an unspoken dance. keep it up!

Thank you for your comments it helps me feel more confident to do it again :-) x

Such a fun story ... there is nothing that turns me on more than catching a view up a woman's skirt in public whether accidental or on-purpose. Knowing the the woman is getting off on it at the same time is soooooooo sexy.

Would love to know more. :)

I like that you think it is so sexy yes it really does turn me on to know complete strangers have seen my panties. Its like it shocks me a little to know they are showing in front of someone it makes my heart skip a beat and I get a really sexy feeling in my stomach.
I like to think about what has happened when I get home and I make myself climax thinking about it x

Wow,very very sexy. Made me extra hard! Couldn't help but rub my dripping ****. Maybe you should leave your wet knickers for men to take home-i would love to be that lucky guy!! Great story xxx

It's always fun doing something risque like that. You should try it with a smaller thong or maybe no underwear at all. It will probably give you more of a thrill ;o) We all would sure like to hear about it.

I do want to be more daring I just need to find the courage to go without panties a lot of people have suggested that. I will keep doing it for now with my panties on and I will let you know what happens here :-) x

Looking forward to hearing more of your stories. They certainly do excite me hearing them ... must be a lot of fun actually doing it. The double-standard is funny though ... if women flash themselves, it's sexy ... if men do it, we're old-perverts lol

Keep wearing and showing your panties, I think it's much sexier with them. You'd need to be very mindfull of the situation you're in if you exposed yourself fully, you might get a reaction you don't want.

I bet that those panties were a little damp too !!

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mmmmmm, very nice.

ok thank you for the advice x

thank you x