I Think I Will

This is something I have always fantasised about but never plucked up the courage to do. I found Sally's stories both inspiring and stimulating. I love the thought of being exposed and vulnerable and of being a visual plaything for horny men. It's like a kind of submission thing , being reduced to a sex object and letting them get such an intimate view. I find the thought quite scary though.
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You girls are the best thing since slice bread. kudos! please add me up. thanks

Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We appreciate seeing up ladies' skirts and the excitement we feel is matched by you I'm sure. I as a man enjoy the power you have when wearing a skirt, deciding how much, if anything, we can see. When we do it makes our day. Do keep showing up your skirt.

Thank you. Yes it can be quite scary but i find it makes arousal so much higher. For me its a cocktail of emotions and feelings which all together are so stimulating. I always try to find men that i think will be safe. I don't usually show to younger good looking confident guys because they might say something to draw attention and that's not what i want. I like older men, plain maybe married or just normal ones that i think would appreciate it more than the studs that have girls queuing up.
I like the way i feel vulnerable, exposed, admired and used at the same time. I like the feeling of power that they can't resist looking and that i can make them have erections on the spot. I love that my panties ( which my mother told me were private and must never show) are exposed to strangers. I love the ******* that come later when in my bed going over and over the thought of their erections.

I very much identify with what you say. For me there is such a delicious, overpowering thrill in exposing and demeaning myself for the edification of everyday men , who can see what is meant to remain hidden, know the intimate details of my underwear, feast their eyes on the outline of my *****, harbour horny, crude thoughts about me. I feel like a sex object whose function is to give them pleasure and deprived of all dignity and pride.

yes thats exactly what its like. i want whats up my skirt to be used for their pleasure to see when they want whenever and where ever. in my mind i dont matter all that is important is that they can use me for their viewing pleasure.

You go for it girl, the majority of lookers will enjoy it, I know I do !

It won't be so scary after the first time, many women love the thrill as much as you think you will, and most men are very appreciative of the glimpse. True, there is a small percentage of prudes out there but don't them intimidate you. There is great power in being female, enjoy it.