First Time

In the college today, headed for the student caff. On the way, stopped off at the ladies and hitched up my skirt a few inches from its usual conservative length (I still live at home though in my first year at college and my parents still treat me as if I was 14 rather than 18, so minis are definitely taboo). I relaxed into the sofa which I had hoped would be available. It is quite ancient and it is impossible to prevent yourself sinking into it. It also faces the entrance. I kept my bag on my lap knowing that only this obscured a full-on vista of your truly's drawers. After plucking up my courage I did the equivalent of my first bungee jump in naughtiness and put my bag to one side for a few minutes. During that brief period, nine people sauntered in- 6 guys and 3 girls. One guy didn't notice (he should go to Specsavers); of the other 5 guys I could feel their eyes boring between my legs and a couple of them looked twice. One of them clearly positioned himself by the counter so he could have a good long look. Dirty devil! Of the three girls, two glanced and one looked away. The third took a long lingering look and then another one. I was beginning to moisten up and I certainly didn't want to advertise any wet spots so my friendly modesty bag went back into place. I couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the day and I required a greater than average number of visits to the ladies to relieve the tension.
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7 Responses Jan 22, 2013

That is so sexy knowing you let your panties show and get wet from exposing your panties.. I too enjoy showing off a little.. I used to work outside in the summer.. I wore cut off jeans that I would tear the seams up some.. It was easy to show myself to some unsuspecting lady.. I loved the reactions I would get.

If you come and stand by my pond, I'll be the first tadpole to come swimming by, looking up at you.

Nice story.... Iam the guy who would of twistedy neck looking.

i love this feeling i suggest always to try this to my gf loll

bet you were dripping by time you left

I can't deny it. My Knicks were soaked.

I love Sally's stories and happy to see you finding the courage to jump into this as well, so wonderfully sexy.. I can only imagine how you felt once you got home :) Keep it up and keep us posted!

You naughty girl., I love it !! Wet spots...mmmmm nice !!