I Went To Town

Oh my gosh! I did some more showing up my skirt. I really wasn't sure if I should tell because this time it was without my panties on.
I hope its ok I only did it because my friends here said it was ok. It was really scary but so exciting too.
After i had taken my daughter to school i got changed ready to go into town. I chose a little black dress which is pretty short only about 3 to 4 inches below my bottom cheeks. Its cold so i decided to wear white stockings my black ugg boots and my short padded coat. Its only waist length so you can see my dress nicely from my waist down. It took me half an hour to pluck up the courage to make myself decide to not put any panties on but I put a pair of white lace ones in my hand bag. I knew i could go into a ladies public toilet near the bus stop to put them on if I wanted to. I was really nervous and thought that that was what I was going to do. Its about 50 yards to the bus stop from my house and I was surprised how much I could feel that I had no knickers on when I went out. The cold air outside up my skirt was very refreshing around my bare private, ( I was thinking I wish I didn't shave it maybe it would have been warmer.)
I felt really naked without my panties and kept telling myself just make it to the toilets I can put my knickers on then. Going without them was really too much! When I got to the bus stop I was really ready to put them back on but I thought about you guys and told myself I would be letting you down. Should i go put them on? Should i leave them off? Would it be ok? I was really torn about what to do and so nervous. I started to head to the ladies toilets to put them on. I don't know why or what I was thinking but I took my panties out of my bag and put them in a rubbish bin near the entrance, Ohh my god!! Now I couldn't wear them even if I wanted to!!!!
I went back to the bus stop and sat on the bench under the little shelter. I had my knees clamped tightly together conscious that my private was bare and there were people around.and cars going by. I felt shy and vulnerable without my panties on. I also felt the return of the familiar butterflies in my stomach which came whenever I was thinking about doing something daring. I like that feeling and it always makes me want to do something.
I like to make it get stronger and I like to feel naughty and sexy which is what happens when I try to show up my skirt.
I knew I had to start so I made my knees part about a couple of inches. My skirt was halfway up my thighs so my stocking tops were only just about showing a tiny bit. Sitting like this meant anyone walking past would get a nice view of my thighs but my ***** would be safely covered. The only people that might get a glimpse would be car drivers.
When the bus came it was already quite full. There was no room at the back , the only seat available was at the front behind the driver but this seat faces into the aisle and is over a wheel so higher up. Opposite me was a man about 40 wish I think quite attractive. He had a wedding ring.
At first I sat with my knees clamped together wondering if I could find the courage to let him have a look. I could feel his eyes already on my knees and my heart was beating fast.. Slowly I let my knees part a little, about an inch at first the two. I tried to imagine how much he could see. I guessed he would just about be able to see v shaped mound and just about the top of my slit maybe only about 1cm. I could feel that sexy feeling growing in my tummy and in my privates it felt so naughty. He was shifting awkwardly in his seat and crossed his legs as if he was trying to hide his excitement. I didn't look at his face I took out my phone and pretended I was texting. I'm sure he was getting an erection!
I really wanted to tease him more so as the bus bumped along I let my knees part about 2 inches now. I really wanted my clitty to be looked at I knew it was swelling I could feel the lovely warm feeling I get inside when that happens. I opened my legs a little more I knew that like this my slit would be more exposed and hopefully he would just about be able to make out the shape of my puffy coat. It was so sexy I let him see it like this all the way to town. When he got off I could clearly see he had a erection in his trousers which must have been uncomfortable for him as he tried to rearrange himself discretely. I had to smile to myself and I felt very proud that I made his willy go stiff.
Once in town I went to the Tescos supermarket in there I made sure I shopped for low down things carefully finding men nearby that I could let have a look up my skirt when I squatted down to look at them.
I was there for nearly an hour and 12 men got to see my bare private like that. I was so horny I didn't want to stop. They didn't get long looks only short ones about 8 to 10 seconds and I don't know for sure if they all saw but it was so exciting to know my nude ***** was there for them to see if they wanted to. It made it feel like a public ***** which really aroused me to call it that.
On the way home there wasn't anyone on the bus except some other women near the front and no men. I decided that it would be fun to see if I could get all the way to my stop with my ***** showing so I sat in one of the normal seats halfway up. There was no one around me so I pulled my skirt up to my waist and traveled home with my ***** completely uncovered.

When I got home I spent the time nude and having sex wit myself until it was time to go collect Emily.
I noticed that some dads that collect their child from school are sexy... I wonder................. x
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I want to take you out to dinner in that outfit

Sounds very nice. I love women with public *******!

Yes, please do excatly the same with those fatheres, I know you already showed white panties to the short guy, but bare would make a guy have something to remember form school for a long time, I know for sure... lol... kiss... Escondido

I love your reports, they really come alive and I wish I had been sitting opposite you.

Great internal debates. You are such a sexy minx.

I know you do it for thrill, but have you let a guy take advantage if he approached you?

Nice job :D

Damn your a hot woman.

Awesome story please keep it up, very arosing

I'm pretty certain that you have gotten the same response of some of these dads when they got home inside the door after seeing you.

Thanks again Sally!!

Read this again for the fifth time!! Still gives me a stiffie !!!

I love you exposing yourself, wish I was there to see

wow, would love to be riding the bus across from you! Would love seeing your pretty *****

Next time take some pics.

With the warm feeling of excitement I wonder how moist you must have been through all of this.

Way to go girl don't stop now


Wish I was there to see that.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I like to read them in bed playing and wondering if any of you ********* for me xxxxxxxxxxx

Your stories are wonderful Sally and they are so sexy. It is so reassuring to know women like you exist :-) I for one ********* for you, I hope I speak for many xxxx

Oh gosh that's so sweet thank you x I wonder how much ***** has been done for me here x

O wow! I can't stop thinking about those three lovely wads of ***** coming out for me..... Yum xxx

I've let a few loads go thinking of you baring yourself to strangers too !!

Oh gosh thank you so much x. I seem to have made a few lots come out its so lovely xxxx

Every time you write something it gives me a hard ****, thinking of you showing your panties and ***** to strangers just turns me on soooo much !

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Very sexy and well written.

Made my day. Thanks for a great story, and now I have to deal with this hardness. Oh, well. I'll think of something, like you being mine and being such a tease.

That was 2 hot..

Great story...really caught b my interest!

Thank you x

Your stories of your experiences are truly incredible, thank you so much for sharing them with us, do keep them coming. It's reassuring to know there are still ladies out there like you who enjoy men seeing up their skirts. I do wonder sometimes, as I've never enjoyed such an experience, but I keep the faith that one day..! x

We are here Iain. Just a little shy sometimes in case others that don't understand say something or try to get us in trouble

That's perfectly understandable Sally, I suppose I hadn't considered that. We can get caught looking just as much as you can showing. Just so you know we appreciate and salute all those who let us enjoy looking x

Omg, one of the hottest stories I've read in a long time! So naughty! So sexy!

Thank you x

I'd love to have a Personal Assistant like you giving me ******* views, perhaps ************ for me , getting different reactions with different types of panties , bras, dresses, skirts etc. Don't stop your wonderful stories!

Wow that would be sexy me giving you little looks up my skirt all day long. Maybe you could spy on me and catch me having a ********** in your office when I think no one is around . maybe even use your phone on my clitty :-) xxxx

We would have two glass opposing desks in the same office-mmmmmm never get any work done.

Mmmm yes I like the idea I would desperately NEED to eat out your Pretty Cunny . Perhaps we (ie you and I ) could recruit more ladies that you'd train to assist keeping me entertained with pretty Cunnies different wanking styles. Tastes in underwear , different tasting , smelling Cunnies, etc.

The office is ours!! I have a Secretary story that should probably be renamed My Perfect Personal Assistant .

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Mmmm I wish I had come across some like you when I was younger. After seeing a wonderful view like that I would want stick up your skirt and eat you out (if you'd allow me to).
A new admirer ZL00py

One of your best stories yet,, so exciting to read how you slowly went from not sure, to , hardly able to stop yourself. So nice to see you left your knickers off,, Your inner voice was in control when you tossed them into the trash,, Keep doing your shows, we men love them,, )

I really wasn't sure about going knickerless, this was the first time I did. But when I did it was such a thrill xx

Women's undies can add so VERY much to the look of a woman's body . The look of panties down to the knees and skirt / dress up round the waist EXTREMELY arousing to me, especially with heels and stockings and suspenders.
ZL00py !!

OMG I just discovered you Sally---your adventurism is a delight. Keep on experimenting because it is one of life's wonders that keeps you alive. I just wish guys could do the same. Believe me - if guys could wear skirts in public you would see your fill of erections. I know if I was that guy on the bus I would be praying you relaxed more and more until your knees were a foot or more apart. You made quite a few guys day better for being there. Now I suppose I have to put my clothes back on and head out into the public myself.

O wow its nice to know you read about me in the nude! I like to hear about how the things I have done affect those that read. Thank you for your comments they really do encourage me. I would love to hear about any ideas you have xxx

Wow Sally, this is a really great story. I would love to have seen you. I love seeing women that like to expose themselves. Glad you got so excited. Maybe you can take some pics to show us when you do this.

I can definitely sympathize with the vulnerable feeling and the nerves. I've been feeling that way myself lately. I'm aroused by the thought of showing, but I feel ashamed too.

I always get myself really aroused before I do it then the arousal overpowers any negative feelings and they actually heightened the sexy feeling. The reward is ******* are amazing after.

You're are one naughty lady! I'll have to go to every Tesco's I can get too!!

The guy on the bus was not the only one to get an erection at the thought/sight of you doing that. I can't wait for the summer months to come ;)

You made that man's year I reckon !!

i really love what you do thanks to share this experience with us

Congratulations and I need to head across the pond! That must have made you feel so sexy, very proud of you for getting rid of your panties and forcing yourself through it with no way to back out... look at the reward!! Yes, next up, dads at school ;) Trust me, we're looking.

I might try today xxx

we'll be waiting with baited breath :) I can think of quite a few mom's at my kids' school that I'd love to get a peak of heaven with!

How wonderful! I could totally feel your nervousness and excitement!

it would take a massive amount of courage to do it in a school playground! but it would be the most amazing rush youll ever get! id go for it if i were you ;)

What a great story!

Thank you so much, I'm not really very good at putting what happens into words but I'm trying my best. I really enjoy telling everyone here and I have to admit that knowing everyone here knows what I have been doing arouses me almost as much.
I love you all knowing what kinky things I get up to I can be honest here instead of hiding it like have to in life and be a normal prude mum and daughter xxxx

What a naughty little daredevil. =)

This is one of the better-written stories conveying the excitement in exhibitionism. Nice to see someone enjoy it so.

(that's what HE said)

Thank you I was really nervous at first doing this but it was such a thrill. I couldn't bring myself to let my skirt go up as high or open my legs as much as when I have panties but at least they saw a little of my private. I was so aroused when I got home I had to get naked and rub. I really like giving men erections but only if they think I don't know about it x