Let Your Buddy Control Your Photos

I have several guys that I conscider true friends online. We have extablished trust with each other and shared many thoughts and experiences. We have also shared photos of each others wives with the understanding that we would never repost them. All of want our wives to be seen by others and this is a great way to do that. By keeping them private like this, we have shared many and had very exciting conversations about each others wife.

I am the type that will challenge myself and my willingness to do things that are not in my confort zone, but are far to exciting to deny. I asked of these friends if they would like to post pics of my wife to a site that would expose her to many more people and alow me to do the same for them. This was mutually agreed on and it came with the understanding that each would remove them as soon as requested. Idea was to make them available for everyone to view and pull them down. The best part is that we did not tell each other where they were post right away either.

This has worked several times and eash time I get more excited...scared, but excited. It is a wonderful thing to find people online of all places that you can trust to do these types of things.

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5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

This sounds very exciting. i would do this.

Would love to help you or anyone else out. Will share mine and allow exposure too

you do have it good!! have you ever found her posted some place you did not expect?

would like an invite too!

Very true, have the same feelings as you know.