We rescued Charlie from a shelter when he was 3 month's He was sad and malnourished and was a stray. He is not 8 months and he is the light of our lives. He is extremely affectionate. He always just crawls on my life or the kids and cuddles himself in. He totally know when one of us is upset and does not leave our side and showers us with love. He was sleeping in our bed up until about a week ago. When we first got him he slept with my son. Then would only sleep in our bed..He would go to bed when I did and snuggle up close and always wanted to be covered. Every morning when I woke up he was standing quietly over me just starring at me waiting for me to wake up. Then he would gentle cuddle and start with the kisses. 

He is also hysterical. I could write pages of what he does. He had a crate that is still in the living room. He used to enjoy his time in there but not lately. I looked inside and found the following:
4 one dollar bills
1 cd
A tooth brush
a brush
a sock from each one of us
my lost slipper
a handful of his cookies
a cup
his hollowen costume 
two of my sons beanie bears
a fork and spoon 
a vcr tape.....and three books
What is he planning...a date? 
mocking mocking
51-55, F
Dec 12, 2012