In All Honesty...

The only way I can ever say exactlly what I am feeling, or how I am feeling, is by writing, I am very bad at expresseing how i am feeling, or telling someone how i am feeling. I feel like its something that I am unable to do, so that is when I bring my fingers to the keyboard on my laptop, and I type away, and just write out how I feel, or at least attempt to...
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That's how I am. However, with me, I write short stories constantly. I have trouble with expressing emotion and so I let it out, in my stories.

Me too! Thought I was strange b.c. I get nervous when questions are thrown at me and find it difficult to express myself or opinion. But if I have to write it I easily express what I mean and people also understand me better when they read what I wrote. Verbally I can't explain an incident but I can write it down with every details that others miss.

I have so much to say, so much to let out, and so much to teach myself, not others. Does anyone have any advice for the best way to "get started" with journal writing, blogging, etc? I know it may [or may not] sound lame, but are there any interesting websites or books out there on the topic? At the back of my mind the little voice is just telling me to continue writing things about myself, to myself, and writing in general and I will get better, but for whatever reason I crave the supplemental information as well. Who knows, maybe I'm just typing for the hell of it right now and I'm not actually sure what point I'm trying to get across.<br />
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There we go! I've just proven my point about writing through writing. The only problem now is to keep it to myself and not mislead others that I actually need advice. =P<br />
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Hi! I am new to this sight and I am going through the same thing! I write also and I find it helps. I am depressed also. I tried talking to someone and he said to me "Your" next visit I want you to write "Happy Thoughts" enough of this crap! So I stopped going to him! How old are you? I am 47 and Iv"e been feeling this way for a long time. I have 7 sisters and 3 brothers and my mom who is still living... "But" I don"t see any of them and we live only 10 mins away. If I don"t call them I don"t know whats going on. I sure that if something happens too any of them I"ll know. Please don"t let it get out of hand go to the doctor and see if maybe they can put you on something just to take the edge away... Please let me know how you are!....Anto815

And you do a wonderful job of getting your feelings out in words. Keep writing and get it all out.


I feel exactly the same. Sometimes if I can just get it out there I am all good =)