I Feel Better For It!!

i say that i feel better letting out my feelings through writing, but what i really mean, is like sharing stories here on ep!! here on ep, i can tell people anything about me, and express how i feel on here, better than i can in real life!!! there are people here on ep, that know more about how i feel at times, than my own family does!!! i can express how i feel here on ep, better than i can in real life, i wish i could show how i feel in real life, but i find it so difficult!!
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I know, I can express myself in real life, but what I hate is the response I get from people, and in terms of extended family you just know how they are going to say so it's pointless to even try to express yourself and I just don't trust them, I don't want them to stick to an image of me if I tell them something, I prefer ep or people who I really trust which are about 2 in real life!

yes, it does take a good deal of practice!! its just finding that someone that you feel totally comfortable in sharing your feelings with thats the problem!! lol

me too. I can't express my feelings well through spoken word. I'm much better at writing out my feelings. I too wish I could express myself as well verbally as I do in my writing. It takes a great deal of practice with people you feel comfortable sharing with.