Lisa For My Chosen Friends...

When I started taking or inviting every other friend of mine at home, all of them had shown no malice and aggression (at first of course) about on how Lisa looks like around the house. I invite them mostly for drinking or party hang-outs and not to **** my wife. Though it later all ended up there, I really never intended or purposely invited those friends of mine just to **** my wife. When later came with my friends of finally getting straight about their feelings about my wife, I never hesitated and really been casual in letting in letting it happen. I think, there has been around seven of my close, chosen friends to had actually had been having sex with my wife, until now.

I trust them so I let them use my wife for their sexual pleasure.Frankly my reason to them for allowing them to **** my wife was they would never get any STDs from her compare if they would pick up some girls out in the streets. My wife frankly is a clean **** and they wouldn't even have to pay just to have sex. They no longer have to worry about wearing any condoms and they could dump their sperms deep inside her ***** as many times as they want even in her off-with-the-pills state. Lisa has the same reason for her own friends as well. Literally like giving sexual service or pleasure for her friends' sake to prevent them from getting STDs or spending money outside. She even told them that ever they would feel or like to have sex, she will be ready and be there for them anytime they want. I also told that to my friends. They were our friends, though utterly shocking for most people, the part of our concern was there for them. Lisa and I would want our friends mainly to get STDs from outside sexual engagements. I told my friends that my Lisa's vagina will always be there to have their hard penis and always ready to be filled with their sperms.

Am I that rude about this? For me, no. I'm not mean, rude and insensible. It's the truth, right?
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2011

now that's positive thinking, now I know the world is changing for the better!!!

I wish I was your friend!

Nothing rude about this....great way to host friends. I bet they are willing to help a lot around the house or fill any of her needs as well.....:)