Grandmother Again

My grandparents were always crazy as I was growing up.  Grandma used to dress me up in girl clothes when I was little.  Later on, I  became a transgender.  I wear girl clothes all the time now and work in them.  I look like a women now and take hormone pills.  Grandpa raped me last month, but I let him and still love him, it's our secret.  Grandma showed me how to ********** when I was a teen.  When I was thirteen, she got in bed with me and gave me a massage.  She told me that she wanted to show me how to **********.  I let her and have been close friends to her all this time.  I was wearing white ankle socks at the time and panties.  She pulled my panties down and took them off that one night.  She took the covers off the bed and massaged my feet and legs.  Then she massaged my penis and butt hole.  She tried to relax me by massaging my feet more.  Then she massaged my penis more and it got hard.  I started moaning in pleasure and in a minute I **********.  She enjoyed it.  She then *********** me like that another ten times when I spent the night there.  She hasn't touched me since.  So I had to drive her to the mall last night, and I wanted to try to seduce her to see if she would touch me again.  I wore a leather suit with a blue micro-mini skirt, pumps and nude pantyhoes.  As I was driving, I moved my driver's seat back so she could get a good look at my silky legs as I was driving.  My feet were barely reaching the pedals.  She did look at my legs sometimes.  She was talking to me along the way.  I complained to her that I was dizzy and that she might have to move over and grab the wheel.  She removed the seat belt and scooted closer to me in case I passed out.  I put on my dress black leather gloves.  The car was hers, which was an all leather luxury Buick.  She watched me drive the rest of the way, because she wanted to see if I was going to pass out.  She started watching my legs and feet a lot since she was right next to me.  I told her that I haven't released myself sexually in a long time and that maybe that is what is making me dizzy.  She kinda believed me.  She seemed to be aroused after I said that.  I moaned a little as If I was getting dizzy again.  I was faking the whole thing to get her to fondle me.  I said that I couldn't feel my feet and that it was hard to find the gas pedal.  She looked down and watched my foot.  My hands were reached out far, holding on the the leather wrapped steering wheel, steering.  I acted like I was starting to pass out and she grabbed the wheel and helped me steer.  There were no cars on the road.  Then she put her hand on my nylon leg and felt it.  She asked me if I wanted her to rub me between my legs.  I giggled and said that it woud be hard as I am trying to drive and work the pedals with my feet.  My toes were touching the gas pedal.  Then I said that she could if she wanted to and that I could still drive.  She waited a minute and then started feeling my legs.  She said that I have very beautiful legs and that they are silky soft.  She said that she always wanted to touch them.  Then she rubbed between my legs and I soon started to climax.  She asked me if I was alright and I said yes, keep going.  I started moaning and then let out a load in my pantyhoes.  I acted fine after that and changed pantyhoes when we got to the mall.  I thanked my grandma.

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you little devil :o)
did you ever **** her?