Wife Teasing!

My wife loves to wear cloths that show off her 34DD **** and i also love it. I am tring to get her to go a little futher and show more while my friend is over watching a game on TV. I need help getting her to go a little futher. Any suggestions?
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Wow. We have done this. Please add me.

Encourage her to wear even more revealing clothes, compliment her on how hot she looks, get your friend to agree. She may show him even more...

You need to just keep telling her how much the thought of your friends seeing touching her breast means to you. Tell her that her having 34DD DDD 36's or 32's means nothing to you unless she is willing to show them to your friends. Seeing and touching, sucking on her nipples and putting ones head between her **** is what you want. But maybe she would be more willing to show her ***** first. Lots of women will let someone see and touch their ***** long before they let one see and touch her ****. It sound like she thinks your just talking. When she had a lot to drink and you have one good friend over ask her to play some kind of ***** game or ask her to **** your friend. Just keep asking. Don't give up.

casually, drop a hint (if possible) that you love it when other guys flirt with your wife and maybe narrate a couple of adventures, but don't tell your wife that. let him believe that your wife is unawares too. in short, just create that little bit of initial chemistry to make everyone comfortable.

Turn the heater on...