He is alone now.  Well, sort of alone.  He is not committed to anyone in SL right now.  Though, there is this one woman, who has come right out and told him she likes him.  Doesn't understand how he doesn't have an SL girlfriend.  He likes her too, they can speak easily to each other.  Make each other laugh.  But he doesn't want a commitment right now. He's having fun doing his thing and doesn't want to feel tied down in SL ever again.

These are the moments that I really wonder what is wrong with me.  I want him to want more.  I know, insane.  I want him to have cyber with her, make her feel so hot and wet just from his words.  Just thinking about this gets to me, makes me wet and want him more than I already do. 

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1 Response Oct 3, 2011

I love the way this is written: it has a rhythm and cadence which is irresistably intimate. I'm not sure that I understand the context but then, to me, SL is an alien world, a foreign country and, of course, it doesn't matter because it's not about SL, or about him, it's about you.