So here my husband and i were sitting with some our neighbor drinking some beers and just chatting it up like good neighbors do, when all of a sudden my husband tipsy says to me Oh yea our son asked if he could go to a sleepover my son is 7 and the parents of his friend were three sheets to the wind, so was my husband just planning a sleep over nonchalant so i guess i didn't think anything of it cause these people were so tipsy they probably don't even remember talking about, of course i felt awkward because even though i had a few beers i wasn't drunk...Then the next morning ,here come my kid talking about this sleep over and his blanket ...Let me tell you i am not comfortable letting my 7 year old walk to my mailbox let alone go up to his friends house, oh goodness suffice to say i was nervous but my hubby was on board,my son's friend's parents were on board...I just talk to my son's friend's mom on Facebook and they are having a blast.I guess i am concerned because it's his first one,I'm concerned because...................Help me out I dont know he is 7 but he has always been a home body
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He's your first the next one is easier

I hope so, just didnt expect it to be so soon even though he is right up the road

It's ok it's your first

I should heal first right