My Wife Was Groped And Forced into Having Group Sex With Her Boss And 2 other Men.

Jen told me her boss had asked her to dress really sexily as 2 important guys were coming for the day and they needed to be looked after as it was critical for business. She is PA to the director and he is always looking down her blouse and catching her bent over or going up the stairs in short skirts plus she has the reputation of not wearing any underwear in the summer. Of course I didnt mind it was good for her career.
So on the morning she dressed in a suit jacket but with a thin white cotton shirt that was tight around her waist so gaped open exposing her braless chest, a matching suit short skirt and black lace top holdups and black high heels, when she was about to leave she asked whether I thought she should wear nickers, I replied "no go for it, give them a flash of your shaven ***** it will drive them wild " so she peeled them off and through them at me.
Apparently the day unfolded like this :- The 2 businessmen were sitting in the bosses office in a long sofa chair, so the first they saw of her was when she brought in the coffee, letting her lose fitting shirt gape open to expose her naked pert breasts as she leaned forward to hand them each a coffee, as she was excited about teasing these guys her aroused nipples were quite firm, then she turned around and bent over the coffee table in front of them to pour out another cup, her short cotton black skirt showed her stocking tops and she glimpsed them behind her bending forward to look up her skirt, as she had no panties on they would have seen her shaven naked ***** from behind they remarked "what a sexy secretary" her boss had and he agreed and said she would be joining us for dinner.
She sat down on a chair facing the 2 men to make meeting notes and with her knees together her hips are wide and there is always a gap at the top of her thighs, as her legs are quite thin, so with a short skirt on this sometimes exposes the crack of her ***** lips and clearly the 2 men were more interested in looking in her direction than anywhere else. So she thought " oh well its good for business" so parted her kneees slightly to rest her diary on giving them an even better clear view between her legs.
Later on it was suggested she joined the men on the sofa in the middle to hold open a large journal as they collectively worked through it, this was the mens opportunity to get close , one of them to the right rested his right hand on her thigh quite high up and had his arm around her shoulder and the other onher left took every opportunity to lean in front with his arm pointing at sections of the journal under discussion, while doing this he was constantly brushing his arm accross her breast with her left nipple getting harder and harder all the time , she could see the bulges in their trousers and they were taking no interest in perecedings other than looking down her unbuttoned blouse.
Before they went out to diner her boss quietly said she was doing great and due a rise and to enjoy her evening.
They had a nice meal with lots of wine and drunkardly she sat in the back of the taxi between the 2 men,instantly they were taking it in turns to kiss her on the lips and pulled her blouse of her shoulders, now hands were all over her and with her knees pulled up and parted, her boss sitting in the front seat and the taxi driver who had tilted the mirror could see the 2 men fingering and rubbing her, her 2 breasts were also receiving some serious licking sucking she remembers kissing one of the men and then feeling her hand grasped around a stiff **** by the other which she started rubbing up and down, well had no choice she says, when the one she was snogging realised the other was getting a **** he pulled open his trousers and she shortly had one ***** in each hand, her boss was leaning over and touching her between the legs and encouraging the 2 men to "enjoy her" and "give her one"
Anyway after 20 mins of driving around the 2 men came over her legs and mouth but she said she got away without penetration, she called me from the hotel where I picked her up in the car park to hear about the adventure.
Apparently the 2 men signed the contract but were dissapointed her husband spoilt the late night frolics, her boss has since said she is getting invites to future directors diners and to his house to have diner with his wife ....I wonder what thats all about ???
She was  really hot when she got home and got a good ******* truth I think she would have preferred to stop over in the hotel .
Till next time.....
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Jen is quite the sexy hot wife! cheers !

Fantastic job for such a smokin hot wife!!!!

Hot story!

Very nice,has she since been taking **** from the clients??

still hot

you must be the luckiest guy ever!

nice story...

very sexy wife wow add me please

Your wife is great for business! Add me too.

Great night my wife's boss was ******* her for a few years until she changed jobs well she was his secretary and I said she should do what ever she had to to get a pay rise and apparently him dumping his load in her now and then was a perk of the job :-)

Nice story. I can see why the men love her.

I could to that.

Great stories. Please add me.

the job my wife has now is great she "helps" with clients too. sometimes just one sometimes a group. i am always getting calls telling me she won't be home for the night. she comes home well ******

where is the next

Nice job ! enjoyed it

like the lace top stockings ...

damm hot story do always love hearing about a hot wife that does a little to get her carrer ahead, letting some high client to paly with her **** and to *** on her legs, just think how far she could get in the comapny if she open her nice legs and to get ******,a hot wife that come home after a night with other men is always so horny and ready tpo ****

She is obviously a very valuable employee and should be well compensated for her contributions. Hope there are more corporate adventures, and adding photos always helps tell the story... ;)

having seen her pics . I can only wish I had been part of this business conference