When I Woke Up.

During night when I woke up with nee to pee, I simply Let My Pee Flow Into Bed For Fun.
After I pee my bed, I fall asleep until the morning. Somes times I re-wet again because it is realy fun to do it.
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36-40, M
3 Responses Jun 5, 2011

Thereforfor, for this nice feeling I use a second covering white nice sheet between my legs. You may amaging by yourselves what I'm doing when I awake, It's really beuatyfull. More details? Post me please

I need more detail!!!! But I can't add you, so add me please

NICE!! Wet jeans, wet shirts and wet beds are big fun!! Smell good too! Stay wet, guys!!

A sensible approach and, of course so much more enjoyable when you are awake enough to feel the tingle of the pee running down your body and then wallowing in the cooling pool.<br />
And in the morning when you wake and dip your head under the sheets: that ever so delightful pee aroma!

Oh yes, although I usually pee in my sleep I still enjoy a nice purposeful wetting and there is nothing like wallowing in my wetness before dropping off to sleep. I always sleep soundly when wet. The feeling of waking wet and smelly in the morning is just amazing. I never tier of it.