Bed Wetting For Hubby

Hey, I am new to wetting beds. Never in my life I have done this, even from my childhood days.

To start with, let me tell you that I love my hubby very much and I have always been willing to do anything for him. So just 2 weeks back, he tells me that he has always fantasized his wife peeing in the bed while sleeping together with him. I was not surprised to hear that at all(read further to understand).

To give you a background, last year when I had a big argument with him, he patched up things saying he will make my life easier in a kinky way. I readily agreed because I have always liked doing kinky things. So he disclosed to me saying that from now on I can pee anywhere in the house. So if I am watching TV I would get up from the couch, squat on floor, and start peeing and still keep watching TV. If in Kitchen would do it on the kitchen floor while cooking and if in bedroom would do it on bedroom floor. Likewise, while talking on the phone, or sitting on the computer, while getting dressed-up or doing anything. The idea was that I didn't have to waste my energy and time, to move from whatever I am doing at that time. Although I have never wet myself. Once I am done peeing, he said he would clean up the mess and that I didn't have to bother about it. (We have no carpet in our house anywhere). Once we started doing this, he would loved watching me pee anywhere in the house, and later cleaning my pee. It arouse him a lot, and then most of the times we would have foreplays and later sex. We are still doing this till date and since it is easier from me, I don't feel to stop it.

So yesterday was my first night to put this into effect. I tried to pee sleeping in the bed, but I could not do it at all. Finally I had to sit up in squatting position and then pee on the bed. After that my husband asked me to sleep in it. Even this is first for me. At first I could feel the warmth of it, but after a while (like 30 minutes or so) the pee was no more warm and I was feeling cold and could not sleep. So I had to get-up and then clean myself and the sheets, before I could fall asleep. Although my hubby had no complaints with he being wet because of my pee. I know this is the start, but eventually I would want to be able to pee in the bed without even having to move from the sleeping position.
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4 Responses Apr 19, 2012

waw your hubby is a lucky man tb x

it takes learning to relax your muscles and letting the pee go freely without stopping it. It is hard to un-train yourself. Good luck and keep it up.

I think it is so great for your hubby to have a wife like you !<br />
Good luck with your bed wetting.

Getting used to sleeping in a wet bed can take time but you will get used to it. Relax and let it flow.

Thanks. I am right now on a break. Will have to start again, when my hubby returns from his trip.