Naughty Wife

I let her date who ever she wanted, i worked alot and was away from home most of the time. It took some time to convince her to play but she did, and she took full advantage. She would meet guys online, for the most part get to know them and flirt and show. She agreed to let one friend come to our house one night while i was away. She called me to make sure it was ok, and of course it was. I didnt here from her for 4 hours, then i couldnt stand it anymore so i called her. He had just left, and the wife was quiet(scared to tell me what happen), so I had to coach her through it. It was exciting, the talked and drank some beers. Theen made out, she sucked his ****, he fingered her and the ****** for a while in a few different positions. What turned her on the most was that he cam inside her....she said he didnt even ask, but she liked having his *** in her *****.
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My wife loves it when her boyfriend ***'s inside her and I enjoy sloppy 2nd's.

All the men my wife ****** did her bareback & all *** in her everytime.

my wife doesn't think a man has to ask to *** in her *****, he should just ***. well except for me i would have to ask permission