Wife Has Told Me She Wants To Date Other Men But Stay Married.

My wife and I were married very young. After 8 years of marriage she wanted to go to a marriage councelor.  Just in the past 2 visits she has reveiled that she would like to date other men.  She doesn't want to divorce me or even separate she just wants to go on dates.  The councelor said a lot of married women stay married and still date other men.  I am not sure about this.  I think that it will be more then just her going out to dinner and a movie or dancing or such.  I know when we dated it didn't take me long to get her in bed and I am thinking that is what will happen with these other guys.   What does everyone think about this.  I need advice
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It maybe hard to understand, but I would love my husband more if he allowed me to date other men. I really don't know how to approach him with the request, I don't want a scene or divorce. I love him more than life itself. He does enjoy exposing me to other men, which I also enjoy.

It sounds like she is going through a second childhood.

After 14 years of marriage I finally found out that my wife had a fantasy of dating rich men. I told her Its also a turn on for me for her to go out with other guys and that she has permission. So she is meeting a sugar daddie this week and will be dressing up very sexy for him. I can't wait.. I will be at home waiting for her. Its going to be so exciting. She is now very excited at the prospect of being allowed to date a rich sugar daddy but also for us to be very happily married. She has also mentioned that she fantasised about a ********* before so this is something else I will be arranging for her.. I wish I had known these fantasties before.. It took me a long time to admit it was a turn on for me for my wife to date other men..Wish I had the courage to tell her earlier.

I make love with other men and still have a good relationship with my husband. He knows about it and has his own private life.

It must be so exciting to know she is having another mans child when you are having sex with your thrilling is that...congratulations to all three of you!!!

It's absolutely wonderful to hear she got pregnant to one of her boyfriends. I bet you are very excited!

we both are

You should just let her have her fun, its no big deal if she goes to bed with different men. All she wants is to get laid daily and when she gets home at night she can share with you her sexcapades for the day. It will be awesome to hear what she did, then you can screw her at night,sloppy seconds are great

You're a very lucky man. Of course she wants to have sex with other men. That's the point. Agree to it and you will be amazed how exciting it will be!

this story was a while ago. she has had many guys now and u are so right more exciting for me then i ever imagined

I'm so very glad that you agreed to it and you both are enjoying it!

THats cool man

You are one lucky man. I love it when my wife comes home from a date. While she tells me about everything hat happened I can smell and feast him one her. You sexy.

isn't it great. love everytime she is with another man and especially when it is a new guy she is with

After much persuasion, and my wife going to a lady counselor on her own ( to try and figure out why I wanted her to date) she agreed to meet her first black man. I was nervous and excited, she was calm and cool about it. No intercourse that night, just some playing, but she now has a regular lover and once in a while someone new. It is a wonderful experience, if you can seperate love and sex, which we can and do.

oh i know

I have told my wife I want her to have many other men. I think someday I can get her to cuckold me, until then I will NEVER stop working on her.

my wife dates 2 married men, they all have good time, and she is happy when she **** home, and yes they ****, but the variety adds to our marriage it adds to our love life, wouldnt have it any other way.

your truly right, my wife and I have a much better relationship now after adding another guy on her menu, she always used to tell me no one likes the same meal. she loves her new hot dog

alfons16a it may be your opinion but it is a good one. i was reluctant at first, i knew that dating meant she would have sex with them men she dated. that is just what happen. if you have read my other stories and the ones Andrea has written here too you know where we have come. A wife dating is great but her spreading her legs for those men is even greater. i would never go back to having a wife that would only have sex with me. the more men she ***** the more i love her

You lucky guy. I would love if my wife would date other men. I also would love if she would spread her legs for them. But it is only my opinion.

My wife had a guy who only wanted to eat her and nothing else, my wife's pride was hurt but she got over it and even let him eat her ***** when ever he wanted! Never could figure the guy out knowing he could **** her also but he wasn't interested. .......?????

it is exciting isn't it. sorry to hear the one guy just wanted to **** her once. sound more like guys i knew in school. not figuring out they can have it more then once with out commitment.

You and your wife have come a long way in a short time. When my wife started dating, it took her months to end up in bed, so getting ****** on the first date is not always the case. It was her decision when she would finally spread her legs for the guys she was dating, and they were willing to hang around until she was ready. I think she got off just on the flirting and anticipation. <br />
<br />
Like you, I also enjoyed watching her get ready to go out. It's a turn-on to watch her putting on sexy underwear for another guy's viewing pleasure, and to watch her primp. <br />
<br />
It was nice that Frank called her so quick for another date. I'm sure that made her feel good. One guy pursued my wife for a long time; but after he finally ****** her, he never took her out again. It only happened with the one guy, but it didn't make her feel good.

thanks Isharemine, i've been spending so much time trying to catch up! i start out with over 300 e-mails from EP! i've been answering and commenting on about 75 to 100 a hundred a day! thanks for putting me straight! love ya!

Read Andrea's version of her sleep over under the name Andrea's Sleepover. Andrea's version

I am sure it will seem overwhelming and you will look at re-examining the extent of play, and of various interactions including this website medium. It usually happens after initial exposure to a major lifestyle change like this, ( a period of time relevent only to you) to take a few steps back after awhile and let the experience saturate.. just please don't get scared outta here, this really is a safe place to share ideas and experiences with many others that share similar choices. <br />
<br />
This is a visual site, with the reading of stories and then placing an image along wth it makes it so much hotter for the reader AND the writer! We all understand discretion and respect that. We share full face images in our circle, but agree that many people are not comfortable with that. It is easy enough to crop photos and blur facial features while still sharing pics. <br />
<br />
Glad to hear that everyone had fun, and now I'm off to read your new story! :)

LOL.................I have too but just want to know how it comes out, being there first time!

Ivo, you already made a comment on this thread a few days ago --?

a friend here on EP was so excited that they messaged me, telling me, you would post some of your pictures if the interest was there! well if someone e mails me to ask you to display your pictures! i guess you have your audience! the ball is in your court! so it's up to you! so how you respond is going to make you a hero or make you a zero! i personally, have not been following you or your wife! but alot of my 3600 friends have! good luck dude!

just wanted to let you guys know that i wrote what i know so far about my wife spending the night with her lover. it is called "Andrea's Sleepover. Not Much Sleeping Though" when i find more details i will add them

I would guess that you won't be alone in jacking off thinking about her getting ****** all night , go ahead , Andrea having a ***** full of Franks *** will give you a brand new hard on in the AM! ******* a naughty wifes full hot wet ***** is a real treat, but then you know that by now! MMMMMMMMmm.

it is 830 and i am betting they have ****** a couple times. my **** is so hard. i don't think i will make it though the night without jacking off. i am sure she is having a very hot time having his **** in her and getting him to shoot his *** in her. i know her ***** will be full tomorrow when she gets home. i know that when she gets home i will **** a full *****

You know David, yesterday as I was thinking about Andreas night tonight I wondered if she would either take a nitie with her or perhaps buy a new one special for tonight , but had about dismissed the idea as just me being a "romatic'! I am happy to see that I was wrong about that & also that you find her doing the nitie thing as sexy as I did when my Chris bought one special for a weekend trip she took with her guy Ray. If you take a look at the pictures of Chris in my profile I have one of her wearing thatr nitie. Chris would not model hers for me before either. I have no problem knowing how hot & sexy you are finding Andreas ******* Frank is --there is NOTHING hotter than a shared wife--NOTHING. Welcome to the club!!

Andrea went shopping today and bought a new nighty. she just showed it to me and it looks like it would be hot on her. she said she won't model it because she wanted Frank to see it on her first. It probably won't be on her long tonight. She is getting ready to go now. I know she will have lots of fun and she is excited that she will spend the night with him tonight. not sure what i will be doing but i know i will be thinking of her and what she is doing. You know this is so much hotter then i ever thought and all i can think about is her getting ****** by him. even when her and i are ******* i think of him doing her and how she is reacting to me and i know she probably is even hotter with him. I may be on later and posting my thoughts since i will be alone tonight.

hey everyone got my wife to write her version of her first date. title is "Andrea's story. my wife's first date."