When The Cat's Away, Everybody Plays

In the middle of our crazy period, I had to leave my wife alone when I went overseas watching a sports tournament. She has plenty of friends so I was happy she would not be too lonely.

The first-night party of the tournament was starting to take off when I turned up. The only woman there was the female boss of one of my mates. In her mid-30s, a successful businesswoman, and nicely built, she was dancing with a few different guys, getting gradually more and more into the atmosphere of the bar.

We hit it off from our first dance and when we got back to the group, she told them that she was going back to the hotel, with me!

As soon as we got in the cab, she started kissing me, all tongues and mashed lips.

We jumped straight into the shower where she started to give me a ******* but the atmosphere made me try something I had long wanted to do – to dominate a woman.

Turning her to face the showerhead, I told her to push her arse out toward me and finger-****** her from behind while I played with her decent-sized ****, with the occasional tweak of her hard nipples. I was actually scared the people in the next room would complain, she made so much noise when she came.

Clean and dried, we headed for the bedroom in her suite where I commanded her to get on all fours on the bed, again with her well-shaped arse pushed back. I forced her knees wide apart to expose her totally to me then sat in a chair behind her with a beer, telling her I wanted her to describe to me what she wanted me to do.

She waxed lyrical how how she wanted me to *** on her body and in her mouth and ****, to tongue her and **** her from behind, and then to be made to do whatever I wanted. Basically, she said, she wanted to be treated as a sex object who was there solely for my pleasure.

We did all that and more in the hotel room. I may have crossed the line when I had her lie facedown on the bed naked when room service delivered and set up the breakfast table, though I suppose I could have had her faceup. And anyway, when I fingered her after he left, she was incredibly wet and begged me to **** her doggy style immediately. With that gorgeous arse lifted high in the air and her legs apart, how could I refuse?

When we went to the stadium to watch the rugby, I had her go without underwear so that I could insert my fingers in her whenever I wanted. She sat close to me with her legs apart all the time and her blouse open so I could play with her ****. It was a fantastic weekend, the only glitch being when my mate – whose boss I was treating like my own sex-toy – complained that he would find it difficult to work with her from now on. I told him that was his problem, not mine, and anyway, she was a great ****.

On my return, my wife told me that she had been invited out for dinner by one of my colleagues, a man who I knew seriously fancied her, and had ended up spending the weekend from Friday night to Sunday evening in his apartment being treated as a fucktoy, pretty much the same as the woman I spent the weekend *******.

The proof was in and on her body – lots of hickey marks and finger bruising on her breasts and thighs, pubic hair still matted with his come, and her ***** still tender from his energetic *******.

He too had made my wife wait with her face down on the sheets and her arse up, legs apart, while he tongued her to multiple ******* before he ****** her.

Do all woman secretly harbour a desire to be dominated?
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I think it is a case that most women sometimes like to take the role of a submissive to a dominating man. Neither my long-term girlfriend nor my second wife were normally submissive at all. But on one occasion my girlfriend paired off with a man who had a reputation for liking to **** Jewish woman in the *** just to humiliate them. He took her to an **** room filled with people, where he face-****** her, ****** her in the *****, and then screwed and came in her *** -- all while everyone watched.

My wife ended up getting laid by a man she worked with who had the reputation for ******* all the married women in their office. This put her on the list of all the women he had made. She didn't even like the guy.

I think that successful businesswomen, who are dominant in their business lives, may enjoy being relieved of the need to make decisions. When they submit to a man sexually, they can totally relax their minds and intellects, letting their bodies do whatever the man requests/orders.

I believe you are right. My girlfriend was a high-powered attorney, who regularly ripped the balls off azttorneys on the other side. In addition to the experience Irelated above, she got off on me tying her up. Once we went away for a "romantic" weekend. We brought along a rubber sheet, oil, and restrains.

It is amazing that after being treated like a sex-toy, the woman immediately reverts to the disciplined, self-controlled professional.

The contrast always impresses me, and makes me want them even more.


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