I Love to Watch Her Get Ready For a Date

I lay on the bed in our bedroom pretending to read as she comes in from her bath, wrapped in a towel. 

She sits at her vanity and carefully applies her makeup -- not a lot; just enough to highlight the beauty of her face.

She gets up, drops the towel, and goes to her underwear drawer.  She selects a bra and panty combination that she purchased from Victory Secrets.  She steps into the panties, and puts on the bra -- closing the clasp in front of her, then turning the bra around, pulling the cups over her breasts and puts her arms through the shoulder straps.  The bra and panties do more to enhance the beauty of her body than to conceal it.  My **** starts to harden as I think about the fact that in only a couple of hours another man will be viewing this sight.

She looks over at me and smiles.  "Do you think he will approve?"  "Oh yes," I answer. 

She goes to her closet.  She picks out a top and skirt, and tries them on.  She looks at herself in the full-length mirror -- turning from side to side, and spinning around.  She takes off the outfit, and tries on another.  After trying on several outfits, she settles on a short skirt that shows off her legs, and a top that buttons up the front.  She leaves several buttons undone providing a view of her cleavage.  She is dressed sexily but tastefully enough to go out to dinner with her new young man.

Before the evening is over, I know that another man will be removing the clothes that I have just watched her put on.  Another man will see her naked.  Another man will spread her legs apart.  He will crawl between her thighs and **** her sweet *****. 

She takes one last look at herself in the mirror, and decides she is satisfied with her appearance.  She walks over to the bed where I am laying, and leans over to kiss me goodby.  I look down her top, viewing her breasts.  Soon she will be sitting across a dinner table from her date, teasing him with this same view.  She kisses me.  I know that before the evening is over she will be kissing another man.  Those same lips that are touching mine will wrapped around another man's ****.  My **** becomes rock hard with this image in my mind. 

She steps back, and gives me another smile.  "Don't wait up.  I will probably be very late."  She scoops up her purse from her dresser and walks out the door.

I won't wait up, but I doubt that I will sleep until she returns. 

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sexy me too

My wife actually went as far as to go stay with her ex boyfriend for a week. His wife was out of town for work. My wife took his wifes place even wearing all her cloths.

She would come home and tease me then go back to him. It drove me nuts...I helped her also get ready for a few dates they went on. Such a turn on

Did his wife have any idea he was being taken care of in her absence?

No she had no idea at all. Ive never been turned on so much in my life, I mean we've done things in the past but for her to be with him for a week...

She would come over all dressed up looking hot and tell me she was all his and called him her husband. She would act like she was cheating on him with me.

Seeing them together was hard but exciting at the same time.

When he came to pick up my wife the day of he brought his wife's cloths and had her change so that way she didn't have anything of her own.
She wore everything his wife had, panties,bra,shoes,dresses etc..even her perfume and jewelry.

The sex we

So while she stayed with him, she was coming over and ******* you, like you were the lover and he was her husband? That is truly an interesting twist on a cuckold relationship. Tell me more about the idea of her wearing his wife's clothing. Was that part of her role-playing his wife? I guess your wife and his wife were the same size. Right?

We had played around with the idea of her having a boyfriend, she said the only person she would feel comfortable with was her ex from years ago.
They went out a few times then he brought up the idea of her staying with him while his wife was away.

Ya I guess they are about the same size I wouldn't know Ive never met her but they must be for my wife to wear her things.

It was crazy and defiantly different but we were both enjoying it. She really started to get into the roll of being his wife. I played along with it all and asked how things were going at home...did he treat well...when are they gonna start a family...etc.

It really boosted our sex life and I trusted her just like she trusts me. I think that's the only reason it all worked.

She still goes to see him from time to time while his wife is at work and she dresses in her cloths and they spend the day together.

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I too love watching my wife get ready for a date with her male model lover but I am always a little more involved. I carefully trim her pubic hair (neither he nor I like the shaved look) to highlight her mound and slightly reveal her lower lips, I apply a faint foundation on her lower breasts and a very light layer of rouge on her nipples, and bring her to ****** with my tongue and lips.

The final touch is the request (order?) that she not shower or wipe herself clean before coming home. I want to see and taste the marks of another man on her body because if proves to us that other men find her sexually desirable.

Of course, we both love being back in bed together as she talks me through what her lover did with her and what she did to him. She enjoys having me take her the same way her lover has the same evening -- says it makes her feel incredibly slutty but really feminine.

It sounds like you have a dream relationship with your wife. I love the concept of helping your wife to prepare for her date. I also think it is very hot for her to return to you with a well-****** *****, and for her to relate everything her lover and she did; and to repeat her activities with you. It would help you visualize what she looked like while she was being ******.

You mentioned her lover is a male model. That must make the idea of the two of them together even hotter. My wife's last lover was a young, black athlete almost half her age. She said he had the best body of any man she had ever been with. She still had a bikini body at 45, so it must have been a beautiful sight to see their bodies together. I missed my one opportunity to video them. Sigh.

Thanks for your lovely comments. We do seem to have reached a great level in our relationship and will work on ensuring it continues to improve.

My wife too has been a model -- 5'8", 115lbs, 32" bust, 23" waist and 33" hips -- so I imagine she and her sex-friend (her term) look sensational together, whether having dinner or having sex.

We have so much fun in ********** that i asked my wife if she could bring him into our bed but she refused, telling me with a cute smile that she wanted him all to herself.

I do not really lose out though, because she comes home with his fluids in and on her body and evidence of his kisses and caresses on her breasts, thighs, and well, all over her body.

She knows that I love the sight, smell, taste, and feel of her silky skin marked in this way and lets me have my little journey of discovery over her body as I find about what he did with her this time.

Our ties as a husband and wife feel closer than ever at these times, something he will never experience with her.

Sounds great.

oh dear makes me hard just thinking about her out.....doing things with him she wont do with me

LOL! I want her to do those same things with me. When she comes home from a date, I would hope that she would demonstrate with me what they did. I have found from experience that one of the benefits of sharing my wife or girlfriend is that they bring back new ideas that we can try out.

As you say it's firstly enjoying the sight and then putting yourself into the other guy's position and imagining what he sees and does :)

I would like to help my wife get ready for her date. maybe with the shave and picking out the outfit.<br />
I would have a hard time keeping from touching her. she might let me kiss her down there before<br />
she puts on her panties (that may not stay on the entire date) she would tell me not to wait up.<br />
<br />
and promise to tell the details when she gets home.

When some play is on the cards, my wife never wears panties. She prefers being naked under her clothes as it keeps her aware of her availability.

If she did wear panties, the other man would just want to keep them as a souvenir. His memories will have to be enough

I like to watch my wife get ready for dates. the thing is I want to touch but that is a no no before a date.

Before my wife goes out with her lover, it is my 'duty' to prepare her. One key action is trimming her pubic hair to highlight the lovely shape of her mound and lips. At the last minute, I kiss her ***** just enough to excite her. Her lips look marvelous when moist and starting to swell with sexual excitement and I like to send her off to meet her lover this way, wanting him to see and enjoy her at her tempting best.

I love imagining her lover's mouth doing the same to her later, causing the same reaction in her or perhaps an even greater reaction.

One bonus is that I get to enjoy her lips later, after he has had his fill.

One time, we were staying in a hotel one time and she was getting ready for dinner with him. I was going out with friends, on the understanding that she would bring him to our room for sex then I would come back after he had left.

The idea that she would have sex with her lover then me in the same bed this evening was so exciting that we found ourselves ******* each other -- not making love -- but ******* incredibly hard.

I washed her very carefully, groomed her ***** to its best, and sent her off for her assignation.

My lucky, sluttish wife spent the evening and night *******, first me, then her lover, then me again.

I've been letting my wife know she can do the same. She doesnt really have a high sex drive. She wants to get to know somebody before she would sleep with them. Any advise one way or the other?

Awsome, I love letting my wife date also. I go through the same thing watching her get ready.

Awsome, I love letting my wife date also. I go through the same thing watching her get ready.

This happened with my long-term girlfriend years ago. We were in an open relationship. It had started as an exclusive relationship after I seduced her. I related that in my experience about the second married women I seduced. After we were together for a year or so, she came to me and said she wanted to date other men. That is the background for the story I related above. It was a composite for many nights when she went out for dates with other men. She would come back to me after having been ******, and I would **** her ***-filled ***** while she described her evening. This went on for a couple of years. <br />
<br />
i told her that I was never worried about the guys who got into her pants, but only about the guy who got into her head. She finally met one.

Isin,<br />
Could you describe how was that night for her? I mean, after she came back? For how long you've been doing this?

She would never agree to posting her pictures -- she is afraid of being recognized, no matter how remote the chance. And I would not post them behind her back.

Very nice isinlarsa. Your wife sounds hot as hell! I love watching my wife get dressed up and I like to pick out her outfits. Usually we go out together/separate you know like we arrive a little apart and sit where we can text and watch each other. Do you have pics of your wife to share with your friends in an EP photo album yet?