Ski Time

The first time I had sex with my wife I wanted to get her pregnant because she was hot and a size queen. She had told me that her boyfriends all had big dicks and how much she loved big ones. Well since i was a big tall guy she thought I would have big thick penis but I never confirmed or denied it despite have a four incher. So I got her pregnant and we got married and she claimed to be okay with my small junk.
So we visit her parents who live in a ski town and have bunch of friends who love skiing and who moved there with them including their kids; all have been friends for many years. So we go out there the first time and she asks if she can see John who is one of the circle of friends. I stayed home with the baby while she went out. She came back home around 2 in the morning, sober but exhausted.
We went on vacation there twice a year and she always had a night out with John and friends.
On one trip, John and his new wife came over after skiing for the hot tub and since no one had a suit everyone went nude. While everyone was in the hot tub I got drinks for everyone. I could see John and his wife checking out my small penis. John gets up for more drinks and shows his huge semi erect ****.

Later that night I asked her if they dated we met and shesaid yes. Needless to say I continued to let her got out with John to this day. She alwayscomes back happy.

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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Good husband. Sometimes women just need more than you can provide.