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My wife and I have great sex, but one night I asked her if she would like to have sex with a man with a large ****. She smiled and said,
who do you know that is hung. I just smiled back. Last week at work I asked a black friend if he knew about any all black night club that I
could take me wife too and explain to him what I had in mind. Joe said that he would take us to a very classy all black club, but I would have
to wait outside as only white women were allowed in, I said that would be ok. That night my wife had a very hot and sexy love romp and
afterwards I told her what I would like her to do and if she was ready. She agreed to go in with Joe and see what the Black experience was all about. Saturday night she got dressed to the nines, I mean she was so hot I did all I could to keep my hands off of her and she knew it, she told me I will pay for this night, Joe came to the house and when he saw her, I could see he got a erection, as she kissed him, putting her tongue deep inside of his mouth. We took my car, and they both sat in the back. I could see Joe kissing her as he slid his hand up her mini skirt and was workng her ***** . When got to the club Joe told me Too come back about midnight. Joe then took my wife by the hand to the club door
and she looked over her shoulder and smiled back at me as they went in.

When inside Joe introduced my wife too several other very tall black men, later she told me they were all over 6 feet 6 inches tall and had hugh
hands. She danced with all of them and said they were very well hung, she asked Joe just how large were they and he told her that they
ranged from 10 to 13 inches and up to 4 inches in girth. She said no way is that possible so he invited one of them to the cornor booth they were in and told him that my wife did not believe he was that big... Joe's friend then turned and kissed my wife and as they were kissing he reached for her hand and placed it on his **** and told her to unzip his pants, she did and put her hand inside and took his massive **** out joe said she had this hugh smile on her face as she started to stroke it and it began to grow and grow and grow, all 12 inches by 3 and half inches he told her to suck it and she looked up at him and lowered her head and slowly took the massive head into her small mouth and began slowly sliding it deeper into her mouth. His **** was so hugh she had to reposition herself on her knees as she slowly took more of his hugh **** into her mouth, Joe was getting very turned on and got up and went around to the back of my wife and pulled her panties down and put his hard **** into her dripping wet *****, Joe was was only 10 inches but 4 inches in girth and it was the tightest **** she has ever had in her, by this time My wife had managed to swallow Joe friends whole ****..all 12 inches and was also getting 10 inches in her *****, she was so into sucking that **** that when he came she swallowed most of his *** as Joes *** filled her hot wet *****.

At midnight I came back to the club and picked up my wife, Joe and his friend. thay sat in the back seat and she had oral sex with them both on our way home. That night was her first night having oral sex with two hugh black ***** and she told me that she wanted more black ***** as it made her ***** and mouth feel so good, but she still loved me and thought I needed to experience the same feeling see did. I asked her what did she mean (i will pay for that night) and she said she wanted me to dressup and go to the club with her, that is a whole different story that I will tell later....oh what a time did me have. We both now enjoy the joy of hugh black ***** and will never go any where else for our sexual pleasures
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I have never been to a club like the one in this article but I recently invited two black men into our hotel room in Reno while my wife was taking a shower. She had previously refused to let me share her with a black man. However, when she came out of the shower wrapped in a towel to find two naked black men with huge erections you took them on one at a time. They turned her every way but loose. Next week we are meeting the same two guys and two of their friends for an evening.

My wife enjoys bbc as well. The pics are at times hotter then seeing her being used. Glad she liked it. Thanks

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I've only seen pictures of my wife with her five black lovers Sue has been and still well use by lots of black guys to the extreme of her getting pregnant by one ,thet was to teach me a lesson.they have and are all well hung guys.

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