My Wife And My Friend.

I have previously shared my wife's adventures on EP and I am posting them again. The first adventure that my wife had took place about 6 months after I got the nerve up to let my wife know what I was thinking about while we were making love. After asking me numerous times, I told her that I would tell her if she assured me that no matter what I said, she can't get mad or upset.
She agreed and I went on to tell her that I get aroused by thinking about her having sex with someone else aqnd then enjoying her myself afterwards. We discussed this for about 6 months and when I assured her that I have no desire to be with anyone besides her and that the thought of slidding my **** into her after she has been with someone else turns me on. She began using this to get me worked up when wwe were making love and I would end up pounding her ***** hard and filling it with my ***. She started to get into it also and would tell me that she must just try it to see how it would feel and how I would react if it really happened. I told her to go for it, but she said she didn't know how to set something up. I told her that I have a good friend who I feel would jump at the chance to get into her tight little *****.
I spoke with my friend and he said he was game.
After getting together a couple of times and nothing happened, I was beginning to feel that it might never happen, my friend dropped by and we had a few drinks and the subject of **** came up and I told my friend that I had just gotten a new video and asked if he wanted to check it out and he said sure. I asked my wife if she was up for it and she was in agreement, so we grabbed our drinks and took them into the sitting room in our bedroom. As I put the movie in, the two of them sat down on the loveseat and as I didn't have a place to sit, I sat on the floor in front of the.
As the movie played, my wife was running her hands through my hair. After about a half an hour, she stopped and I thought I heard the sound of kissing bhind me. I turned to see the two of them engaged in a passionate french kiss. The continued to kiss and began running their hands over each other's bodies. My **** was getting hard and when my friend grabbed my wife's breast and she began to rub his **** through his jeans, I was rock solid.
They continued like this for about 15 minutes, when my wife got up and grabbed my friends hand and led him to our bed. They stood by the bed kissing aand began removing their clothes. When my wife was undressed, she got on the bed and spread her legs and grabbed my friend's hand and pulled him to her. By this time, my **** was so hard that it hurt.
My friend climbed up onto the bed and between my wife's legs. As they were kissing, he slid his **** into her wet and very willing ***** and began pumping his **** in and out of *****.
I would like to say that he ****** her for a long time, but thats not the case. He only lasted about 3 minutes before he filled her with his ***. When he was done, he pulled out and layed down next to her and she told me to **** her used *****. I climbed between my wife's legs and easily slid my **** into her very wet *****. Oh what a feeling it was slipping into her used *****. It was warm, wet and felt like silk. I was like my friend and only lasted a couple of minutes. The feeling of using another man's *** to lubricate our sex and watch my wife kissing my friend while I ****** her was more than I could take and I also filled her ***** in just a couple of minutes.
After my friend left, my wife thanked me and said she couldn't wait for the next time. She has been with him 7 times so far and I will post those adventures.
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11 Responses Mar 13, 2011

dude your wife is a diva, keep her and bestow her all the happiness

I envy you, my wife did that one time. It was such a turn on, but that was a long time ago and she won't even discuss it now. Funny, at the time she said having two guys lay with her was great, but now? nothing.. Can't wait to read more

wow.. lucky husband :)

That is absolutely beautiful! The fact that you were able to be there to witness her becoming an official "Hotwife"is really special too. Silky smooth seconds - I do know that well!

What an awesome story! You are a very lucky man. I can't wait to read the others...

you are so lucky. i know if i get my wife started she will love it

awesome...!!! :) "silk" ... "cream" feeling was really erotic to read

love the stories of your adventures!

awesome sliding into that creamy *****!!!

Lovely. I still remember the first time my wife crossed over to being shared - it's a mind-blowing experience and the silky smooth seconds are like no other experience. Thanks for sharing.

That is awesome that she took it so well and began using it in your sex play. You've married a winner!