People Take Advantage

All my life people only came to me for avice or to take advantage of me . My mom only calls to ask of a favor or becouse something is wrong n she wants to know what I think . Even my husband said I was a goody goody and he cheated on me , made me fill like it was my fault because I worked and then said he never cheated that he don't know how a stranger left love letters in his car. My friend only use me for a babysitter because I don't drink or party so they don't invite me. I do everything for anyone and no matter how nice I am it's never enough. I stood up for myself one time and they thought I was the worst person in the world bec I hurt their feeling. A lot of people judge me before they get to know me. Just because of my looks they thank that I'm the type that's better than anyone else and that's what some say but I hate the way I look and I'm that type of person. I am one who does all my yard work , clean , cook , homeschool , work at hospital and dress my husband for work . I'm not materialistic I give everything to others . I can't even have a friend that's a girl bec she messes with my husband and he just commands me around and downs me by telling others that I'm a goody goody . how i never make mistakes or try something wild . I just try to walk a straight line to make everyone happy and it is never enough . In just get tired of being walked on or taken advantage of , or judged by others . Being real nice and never ugly to people makes for a lonely life and I can't be mean bec it's so hard and I feel so bad if I hurt someone's feeling . I just don't know what to do .
Bratzpixy Bratzpixy
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1 Response May 18, 2012

It sounds like you might have some self-esteem or social anxiety issues. I've always had the same problems. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to run into my husband who is a saint and didn't take advantage of my emotional weaknesses. It's hard when you've attached yourself to someone who exacerbates your problems. The best way to get out of a bad situation is to try to figure out how you got there in the first place. Did your parents emotionally manipulate or abuse you, or make you feel like your needs were less important than theirs? Was there someone in your past or present that set off your tendency to attract manipulators?