Easier Than Standing Up For Myself

i think that letting people get what they want from me is easier than sticking up for myself, cos most of the time if i try sticking up for myself they find it rather amusing, so instead of trying to stick up for myself and being laughed at, i can just endure what they want me to do in the first place or let them get on with what they want to do. the only time they cant walk over me is when ive had too much and cant put up with it anymore, then they dont laugh wheni stick up for myself, cos i become someone thats not nice to mess with, but that side of me scares me, cos it has confidence, which i dont have.
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I totally know how you feel, sez. I've been the same way much of my life. I've felt that if I do stick up for myself, I may end up hurting somebody's feelings or just create unnecessary conflict. It gets easier with experience and is refreshing when it finally can be done, even if occasionally. <br />
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LadySoulist - that's really great! It's very uplifting to hear of good confidence.

LadySoulist, WELL SAID! :-D

~looks up~ well I for one care! Part of high school, maybe, but it shouldnt be part of the acceptable part of your life! You guys need to understand that there are heaps of people out there who are way better than that and when you meet those people you will see and understand exactly how useless these so called friends you have are!<br />
I used to be picked on and all since I was an islander who didnt hang with crowd and all, but I never let them get me down. I refused to let them walk all over me and now look at where those guys are ~smiles~ they're stuck at home baby sitting they're 3 kids at 20 yrs old and where am I? Young, beautiful and successful, only because I refused to lay down and let them make me who they want me to be! SEZ seirously I had a whole heap of people laugh at me back in the days and put down because I fought back, but guess whose laughing now, and guess who wants to know me now? them! Because I stood up for what I believed was rite and I was! and never have I regretted it! There are those who dont listen, but it doesnt mean that they all do. Some people are listening and some do take in what you have to say... and what you do or say can and will make a difference!

I get you. My best friend is big on the using me thing. She hangs out with me when I have money, or between her numerous boyfriends, but otherwise refuses to acknowledge my existance. I know she is bad fro me, but she's also my only definite friend, so I'm stuck with her. She's always picking on me, which I don't get because we started off really close. But still, I figure it's a part of high school, so no one really cares...