I Liked The Attention I Used To Get

I usually give a show when im early back from work, I take a relaxing shower then i walk to the glass and balcony door and stretch my self giving some nice points of view and then I put my clothes on. One time an old man was gesturing to me that I had to put some clothes on :P. there used to be a group of young guys hanging around there every day they always whistled, there are only young parents strollers curently
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Nice view I'm sure. Can we be friends?

wow-lucky neighbours. I would so love to live in yor are xx

Very classy and good on you I have had fantasies about this very same thing ,may be we could star in a movie together lol

In college I shared an apt with another girl. It was the second floor in the middle of a large complex built on a hill. Actually it was called the top of the hill apts. My bedroom had 2 wide windows that faced several larger buildings on the hill behind us. I wasl invited over to some guys party in the building up the hill I could see through the trees about 60% (right down) into my bedroom w/ the curtains open. (bed/beaura/mirror/chair) I had more than my share of guys over; I intentally had candles placed on the brueau and on shelves. they reflected across the rooom & making the window appear black with nothing on the outside. Those on the hill could see with clarity. When my room lit up the lights went out above. I felt the eyes. I felt the optical glasses at times. At times I would excused myself from my bed for a brief moment & step into the dark bathroom & peaked through the window. I noticed all the lights were out up in the various guys apts above. One very cold & dark night I stepped out on to the balcony; no lights on behind me. While scanning the windows above a cars headlights turning in a distant parking lot reflected a large opitical lens bearing down at my direction. Often on nice days I would walk outside behind the building and say hello to all the guys that hung ourside on their balcony's & patio's, all were VERY freindly. I was invited up to their apts many times for a cold beer or cookouts. I felt good knowing they & probably their friends were well entertained watching, unobstructed my sex acts w various guys & men. Those days I felt at times I wanted to formally pose or star in an X video. I never saw any photo's or did I ever see a large camera or optical device while invited over but I'm very sure of what I did see in that window that cold and dark winter night & several other nights.

Very nice many I be your friend

You naughty little exhibitionist you!<br />
I would love to see you nude and stretching :-)

lol... a very relaxing and usefull pubblic service indeed Aury..kiss