Curious Neighbor

My wife and i live in a house in a major metropolitan city so the houses are pretty close together. we live next to a home that's rented out by three young women. I wouldn't say these ladies are knockouts by any means but they are curious to say the least. One of our bedroom windows faces one of the ladies bedroom windows. About a month ago I noticed the woman who's bedroom facing ours was putting a shelf in front of her window and being the perv I am was curious as to how she would be able to close her blinds. Later that night I got my answer, she couldn't. Since then her window is always open, the shelf she installed blocks a little of the view but you can see right in the room. my wife and I are pretty open with nudity, we both lay out in practically nothing and when the weather is nice walk around naked or close to nude. Anyway, last weekend my wife and I came home from our local watering hole and started to get ready for bed. When i were in the bedroom I noticed that our neighbors light was on. With our lights on I could see our neighbor milling about in her bedroom. I was standing in front of the window wearing nothing but my thong and my wife had just removed her bra revealing her awesome **** and perfect *** in her thong. as I walked passed my wife she gave my *** a hard slap and pulled on my nipple and gave a laugh. I pulled her close to me and started to kiss her passionately. She must have looked incredible from my neighbors view. naked back cute little thongs framing her *** like a perfect portrait. As I began to kiss my wife's neck she slid off my thongs, my **** pressing hard against her stomach. I looked up slightly to see if we still had a audience and lucky for me we did. My neighbors light was still on and i could see her unbuttoning her jeans. I backed up to lay sweet soft kisses on my wife's collarbone and caress and squeeze her nipples. then without looking at the window I laid my wife at the edge of the bed pulling her thongs off. standing there in plain sight my **** was throbbing as i slowly slid one finger inside my wife's tight little *****, delicately pulling her pubic hair, my mouth was watering. I knew our window was open and knew that it wouldn't be long before my neighbor not only could watch us but hear us. I proceeded to eat my wife's lovely ***** like it was our last day on earth. her excitement coating my face my her ***** tastes so good, it's like the nector of the gods coating my fingers. I could feel her ***** loosening around my finger as increased the speed of my tongue and finger. I almost forgot about our watcher as i got up to get my wife's favorite purple studded vibrator, my rock hard **** in plain sight. As i turned back to my wife I looked to the window, my neighbor had moved slightly to one side of the window, but i could see her lights were still on and she had removed all of her clothes. I could see her small breast with big brown nipples. I was a little stunned at her big hairy *****, this woman is probably in her mid twenties and i thought that everybody, particularly young women had no hair or small little landing *****. My wife took the vibrator and began running it up and down her clitoris. standing above her i began to stroke my ****, eyes fixed on my wife, legs spread, one hand opening her ***** wide and the other running her vibrator up and down her *****. still on the side of the bed I licked my fingers and began working over my wife's nipples turning them into hard little eraser heads, enjoying the color change of them from pretty pink to dark brown. As her moans got louder her eyes closed, thrusting lightly onto her vibrator. It was then that I looked over to my neighbors window, she had her leg propped up on something and because of her big bush i could see that she had 2 fingers working her ***** rocking back and forth, her eyes were fixated on wife working her ***** with her vibrator. My wife reached over and started playing with balls and rubbing the base of my ****. As i began to moan I could see my neighbor repositioning herself for a better view. I swear i saw her lick her own fingers and start to tweak her nipples. did she just take my patented nipple move? with my wife still working her ***** i slowly started to enter her, my baby sharing her vibrator with me, running it from her ***** to the shaft of my ****. after a minutes of this slow entry my wife was dripping all over my ****, covered in her exctasy. she began begging me to **** her hard and who was I to deny her this. grabbing both her legs I began to long hard thrusts. forcing her moans to become almost like screams of joy. i love that sound of skin slapping skin and apparently so did my neighbor. i could see was finger ******* herself really hard, 3 fingers now moving in and out of her hairy *****. As my wife came i lifted her off the bed, legs wrapped around my arms, her perfect *** cupped in my hands. "oh **** you are destroying my *****" she cried as i proceed to slam my **** deep inside of her. I could see our neighbor was totally blown away by this move she had a hand on the wall as her body began to twist and spasm in what i think was a powerful ******. this was too much for me i dropped my wife on the bed and blew my load all over her **** as jerked out every last drop from me. As my wife hobbled to the bathroom I saw out of the corner of my eye my neighbor wrapping herself in a towel and flick the lights off. what a show

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Awesome...that's so hot. I'd love that-from both sides!