Hotel Room With Lights On and Curtains Open

 This is the first time I intentionally created an exhibitionist situation.  It was incredibly exciting and I can't wait to do it again.  My wife and I stayed in a hotel last Friday night. We were on the 11th floor and the hotel had an apartment building right across the street. I convinced my wife that the hotel had mirrored glass and nobody could see in to the room. As luck would have it, the hotel had floor to ceiling windows. It took some convincing but she finally felt comfortable about it so I opened up the curtains. My wife got ready for bed and I went to the window to see if anyone was out on the balconies of the apartment buildings. It was pretty late (getting close to 1 AM), so I wasn't sure if we'd draw any attention. As i stood at the window, i noticed a guy walk out on to his balcony about 3 floors lower than ours. My wife came out of the bathroom wearing sexy zebra print bra and panties and walked over toward the bed near the window to get something out of her purse. It was very obvious to me that the guy on the balcony could see her very clearly. We had left the light on near the hotel room door and also had the TV on so there was nice backlighting to enable the view for the folks in the apartment. My wife laid down and started to give her a nice back/butt/leg rub hoping more people would notice. After about 10 minutes of rubbing her and looking out the window, I noted one other apartment that had noticed. Two guys had taken the chairs in their apartment and turned them around from facing their TV to facing their balcony sliding glass door/window. I first took off my wife's bra and turned her on her side facing the hotel window and rubbed her hips and began rubbing her breasts.   I kept looking out the window and we still had the three guys obviously watching us. What was really nice is that window provided a reflection of us so I could see her very well and also see the guys watching her. After a few minutes in that position, things started to get serious between and we started having sex in various positions. All the time I kept wondering how well the guys across the street in the apartment could see. I made sure we were toward the lower end of the bed so I'm sure they got a good view of everything. At one point, we were facing the window and at that point I could look out the window to see what was happening. I noticed the one guy that was on his balcony had turned off all the lights in his apartment and it was hard to tell if he was still there. That is when I notice the flashing red LED coming from his balcony. He was either taking pictures or taping. I can't even begin to describe how exciting that felt. All the while I'm thinking my wife had no clue what a great sex show she was putting on for them. 

In the morning, she actually left the window open and got dressed on the side of the bed facing the window after the shower.  I noticed a guy on his balcony clearly watching everything.  This got me thinking and I am looking to see what everyone thinks.  Based upon what happened in the morning (getting dressed in daylight in front of an open hotel window where she normally gets dressed in the bathroom or by the closet which was on the other side of the room), I'm thinking that she actually knows that she can be seen and just isn't saying anything about it.  She acts very conservative in public but from our sexlife I know she has fantasies that she says are just that and indicates she would never act on.  None of them have been exhibitionist fantasies but I truly believe she knows that we put on a show.  What do you think?

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My wife also pretends to be very shy but likes to be seen thru hotel windows in various states of nude and also having sex. She won't talk of it but she loves to be seen while giving me bjs.

Had a similar experience. We were on the first floor. I had left the curtains open so that only the sheer that allowed light through but was supposed to provide privacy covered the window. It was at night, and with the light inside the room, anyone outside would have a good view of what was going on inside. <br />
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I was watching t.v. in the bed while my wife was in the next room with the kids. I heard two vehicles pull up outside and heard the sound of young mens' voices. When my wife came into the room, she went to her side of the bed, which was by the window and proceeded to undress down to her panties right in front of the window. The conversation, which had been going, came to a stop when she had first come in. <br />
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She climbed into bed and pulled up the covers, but I turned over and gave her a kiss and nuzzled her on the neck. I pulled down the covers and proceeded to fondle and kiss her before pulling off her panties. I licked her ***** until she was wet and then began ******* her missionary style. But, I wanted to give the guys a good look of her being ******, so I turned her on to her side facing the window, lifted her leg a bit and entered her from behind. Anyone watching would have had a clear view of my **** entering her bald *****.<br />
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I heard some conversation after she went to the bathroom, but I'm not sure if they were watching, I assume they were and the thought her putting on a show for those young guys was a complete turn on.

I'm convinced that your wife knows she can be seen, but doesn't want to talk about it. <br />
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My wife does the same thing. We live high up in a residential tower, and have apartments facing us from all sides. We have "sun shades" that block sunlight, but allow us to see outside during the day. However, it's well known that these shades block nothing at night, and if there are lights on inside at night, you can see right in, almost as if there were no shades at all. My wife is also pretty conservative [although she is very game for all sorts of little perversions I constantly get her into]. But in this case, she strips with all the lights on, sucks my ****, climbs right onto my stiff ****, goes for a nice long ride, comes [usually more than once], we flip over and I pound her until I come. All this time, she is fully nude, legs spread apart, moaning and really enjoying the festivities, WITH THE LIGHTS ON. I am positive there are at least a couple of guys - and maybe a single girl or two - that have noticed this action going on most nights, and crack a beer, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the free show. I love it of course, so won't say a thing about lights, see-through shades, or anything else. I'm going to enjoy this as long as she is OK with it, and we are still in decent enough shape to attract the local voyeurs. <br />
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Anyone else have this sort of thing going in? Please weigh in, comment on this story, or post your own!<br />
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