Cleaning Up Windows Naked

In the last summer, when I cleaned the window wearing only a shirt, my husband came to me and asked me for showing naked, because he was excited that someone might see me so. I agreed and undressed completely to his satisfaction. And indeed, across the street, I felt at the sight of accidental Watcher, not stopped, however, and completed the work without haste. It was very exciting for me to be doubly observed.

housewife65 housewife65
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5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Cool story, thx for sharing ;-)

Have you done anything else since? And would you with your hubby's permission allow yourself to be shown nude to your friends or his?

what a lucky guy hubby is to have such an agreeable and sexy wife like you hon . mmm

I am glad that you cleaned the window, it would give a nice clear view to passers by. Good story.

Very hot...I would love to see that show.....