Las Vegas, What Happesn Here.....

My wife is always horniest when we travel. We went to Vegas and were gambling and partying. At about 2 am, we retired to our room. It was a nice hotel,with large windows facing the hotel next door. The drapes were open as we kissed and undressed. I turned a light on by the window and turned it to illuminate the bed and turned the rest of the lights off. She was lieing on the bed as I went into the bathroom. When I returned I saw she was laying at an angle facing the window. She told me she saw a guy looking in from the hotel next door, about 30 yards from our room. She wasn't sure but she tought he had binoculars. She wanted to expose herself to turn me on. It did! I looked out and the guy quickly moved from the window. I layed down with my wife and kissed and licked her neck. I could tell she was hot and liked him watching so I spread her legs and sucking on her big lips and ****. Making the **** stick out and her lips hang, I moved out of the way to allow for him to see her. I didn't look because I didn't want to freak him out but my wife could see he was looking. He had his binocs up and was watching intently. I turned another light on to make her body better illuminated. I spread her open, pulled on her lips and ****, and lifted her **** by the nipples. She told me I should stop beacuse he had turned on a light and was jacking off while watching. And worse yet we had another guy and another couple who had joined the show! She told me how horny that made her so I proceeded to give them a show. I posed her so they could watch as I laid her head back and throat ****** her,  She doesn't normally like anal but I bent her over the edge of the bed and fuckind her ***, pulling back and pausing to allow the neighbors to enjoy it. I couldn't help wishing they all had binoculars like our first friend. I turned her around, still ******* her *** so she was by the window, **** bouncing as I ****** her *** hard. I glanced over to see the 2 guys jacking off, the one with the binoculars had a big **** and was enjoying the show, I pulled it out of her *** and made her suck it in front of the window. I was so horny and I know my wife likes to be used so I had her sit spread eagle and ********** for the neighbors. Sucking her big **** and banging herself she came twice for them. I then had her ride my **** while they watched and she came 3 more times. She watched as the first neighbor shot his load on the glass. For the rest of our stay, I exposed her often, but none to the degree of that first night!

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It's great when everyone has fun. Thanks for sharing.

Not only is it fun but it makes her soooo horny!