This Fine Day

so i got to my restaurant kinda early today and forgot to bring my key for the place. i called my partner to open the door for me. as i waited in the parking lot i decided i would pleasure my self if you know what i am talking about. first i just put my hands in my pants and played but i got so hard i had to undo my belt and let him out so i could really enjoy. there are a row of town homes facing the parking lot and this lady that flirts with me all the time came out to her front door to have a smoke. i seen her looking over but she couldn't see what i was doing. so i made it clear what i was doing with large arm motions and making faces that made it clear i was in a moment of pleasure. she went back inside only to come back out with her shoes on and walked towards the car. i pretended i didnt notice her as she walked close enough to the car that she could see everything. i know she was looking in. she slowed her walk. she did just walk past and came back around around seconds later. i made eye contact with her as i stroked my **** and i smiled at her and she smiled back. than my partner pulled in so i had to put it away. she walked back to her home with a huge smile on her face.

topchef topchef
31-35, M
Mar 13, 2010