Lucky Wives

I think it would be so hot to be shared in that way. I guess because I have strong inhibitions conflicting with a lot of perverted desires, the idea of not being fully conscious at first seems a way to break the barriers. A lot of men don't understand this, and you don't have to either, but at least the men here are cool with the idea. I don't see it as rape, at least not for me because I'm a dirty-minded girl. Also love the idea of the men feeling less inhibited because I'm passed out. I would love to secretly film what they did to me for my enjoyment later. Eventually I would want to participate fully and consciously in any group fun. But being played with while passed out is something that I would still want to do from time to time. There is something so risky and naughty about it that I can't help but get dripping wet when I read your stories of passed out wives. Maybe it is not as much of a turn-on for some to have a willing participant, but I think it would be cumloads of fun.
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My favorite fantasy is exactly that

Can't rape the willing! I would SO enjoy sharing my significant other like this. Still looking!