Good Mood to Bad Mood In to 60

I'm trying to figure out if the reason I'm feeling the way I am is because I am ultra sensitive to others energies or if I am just a moody person. For instance.....Most mornings I am happy and chipper even though still drowsy, I come to work and start my day off with a smile, until this lady that I sit by/work with comes in.  I get in a very negative and cranky state of mind.  It's like a switch has flipped and all of the sudden I'm angry and having an awful day.  Maybe I'm crazy- but I strongly feel that her negative depressed energies are rubbing off on me and bringing me down.  I hate the way I feel when she enters the room.  I love my job, but not my nasty outlook that soon rubs off on others throughout the day.  When she is gone or has a day off it's almost a blessing.  Just trying to figure out what I should do to balance out the way I feel around her.....
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Have you seen that movie 'what the bleep do we know?'does a really good job explaining how positive and negative energy affects everything I definately recomend it.

How horrible! Good luck finding a way to counteract her negative energies!