The Girls

Last night they all stayed at so-so's house so looks like tonight is my turn. Only three of them and they are old enough to entertain themselves. They wanted something cheap to do and I really didn't want them out just driving and taking a chance of trouble so I gave them a few bucks for soda and chips and they rented a movie. They are a good group of girls and spend most outings either attending various high school baseball games or at the movies but it adds up. I think they also made brownies as the house has a new scent this morning. So long as they are home safe I'm good with it.

My daughter had her first official sleepover at the age of TWO! Between siblings and cousins and such we had 15 kids spend the night. I had an entire caravan of kids walking single file to the park and we made ice cream sundaes and watched movies and more. Those were the best kind and soon my little ones will be there too.

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sounds awesome guys, jealous. had a beautiful step daughter till the ex wife took it allaway only experienced 2 sleepovers. she was only 6 but fantastic times..<br />
<br />
miss it everyday.

LOL, good times! My daughter has sleep overs almost every weekend with 1-5 of her friends. (She is 8) We have done this for years. We usually get some take and bake pizzas, or if we are feeling brave, we make our own. We have popcorn and sodas and a movie or two. Usually sunday mornings I make a big pile of pancakes or omelettes (which I am 'famous' for), hash browns, and OJ. Yes, these are great times, I cherish every one, because I know they will be gone far too soon.<br />
Good on ya', keep up the great work! - Gary