Paying The Price For A Bad Attitude

“Well if you got off your tight little *** maybe you could find him”. She screamed into the phone at her Master’s new secretary, before she slammed down the phone. It had been three weeks since she had felt any real attention from her Master and the frustration was building. Yes she did get to give him his “special” wakeup kiss every morning…which always rewarded her with a mouthful of his warm manhood and a heavy dose of his seed, but the three times that he had taken the time to actually give her what she needed… a deep hard ******* (twice in her hot little ***** and once with his huge **** spewing her favorite liquid deep into her sexy, tight ***)…in the last three weeks weren’t nearly enough to quench the constant yearning in her body and soul to be his full time sex Pet.

Was it coincidence that his desire for her had waned ever since he hired the new secretary or was it true that this new project he and his associates were working on was sapping his energy. The possibility of losing him was devastating to her and she had to find out.

She quickly went to shower…Stripping off her skin-tight black Capri pants and her long sweater/shirt as she walked towards the bathroom. Her sexy hips tingling as she put together her outfit for her visit to his office. She had visited previously and his associates never failed to notice her small shapely body….something she totally enjoyed…and she was glad that he was confidant enough to be able to enjoy the attention her body got as well. Although she craved the attention she was all HIS.

She picked out his favorite bra and panty set, a very lacy black and red bra, black cups with red lace ruffle trim, tiny matching bikini panties, black, tiny see thru panel in front and rear, and the string part trimmed in the same red lace ruffle. She added a black garterbelt with the same red lace ruffled garter straps and black stockings. She picked out her highest sandal strap heels, 4-inch, and her shortest, tightest black leather skirt. The skirt barely covered the tops of her stockings and afforded anyone a scandalous view of her bare thigh as she walked. If she bent the slightest bit one would get a sexy glimpse of her pantied parts. For the top she chose a red silk shirt cut in a masculine style that she could tie above her waist…leaving her flat stomach on display along with the milky white tops of her breasts. Her outfit ready, she entered the bathroom to shower. As she slides her slick panties off her hips the crotch sticks to her warm tender sex. She whimpers slightly as the air slides across her feminine lips. Her fingers hesitate…since she is not allowed the freedom to pleasure herself without her Master present and giving her permission…but the demand between her now open legs …causes her to give in…”If he finds out I will get punished…but I need to *** so bad….”

Gently her fingers part the sensitive folds of her sex. She gasps …as her finger enters the warm feminine portal of her body…Her honey coated ***** lips spread around her fingertip and she slides it deeper. Her thumb finds the sensitive pink pearl above and slowly circles the hard button. “Ohhhhhhhhhh…” she moans…rocking her hips to the obscene finger penetrating her vagina. Her other hand finds a hard , aching nipple…pulling pinching the twin berries into hard points of pleasure. She adds a second…and a third…thrusting faster…harder…sinking her busy fingers inside to the hilt. Leaning back against the vanity as her knees weaken…she bucks wildly….succumbing to the forbidden pleasure that will gain her a very painful punishment should she get caught. “Ohhh…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh …ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” She whimpers as her ****** overtakes her body.

After her climax, her breathing even again, she turns on the water and showers the sensual curves she hopes will entice her Master to ravish her hot insatiable body. Her shower finished she perfumes those special places she knows his mouth will be if she is successful. Dressing…she feels the warm nectar from her ***** coat her lips and sink into her tiny panties. Each piece of her outfit designed to tantalize anyone who sees her and as she looks in the mirror seeing the **** she is, a warm tingling feeling fills her body. She bends over just a pinch to see if her panties show and she smiles at the sight of all the red lace on display. “A sexy **** should look like a sexy ****.” She smiles to herself as she adds a red leather dog collar and a red velvet ribbon around her long blonde ponytail.

A short ten-minute cab ride brings her to her Master’s office. Entering, she gets an astonished stare from the new secretary and approving stares from the men. She walks straight towards his office door and hesitates, knowing she is taking a chance coming by unannounced. She knocks tentatively…hearing “come in” she opens the door. His eyes smile at the sight of his provocatively dressed pet.

“What a nice surprise…! But very disobedient. What is so important that you had to disobey a major rule?” She struggles…hoping her appearance will divert his attention from her disobedience and her nervousness.

“I-I-I-I-I h-h-had t-t-to see if you were no longer pleased with me.”

She stammered.

“I see…my little toy is feeling neglected…is that it? I must admit you look difficult to neglect in that hot outfit.”

She spins around….letting him drink in her sensuous curves, her only asset to stimulate his interest.

“ I was hoping you would like it. Please don’t be angry with me…I need you.”

“I understand you feeling neglected as I have been preoccupied with this project that I am happy to say we completed today, quite successfully I might add. I even arranged a little vacation for you and me to celebrate.” He holds up two plane tickets as proof. “…but I am not pleased by your disobedience, nor am I pleased with the way you spoke to Diane, my secretary, this morning…that was terribly rude…you have embarrassed me…and that is unacceptable. Now tell me…” His eyes traveling upwards from her high heels to her hot tempting ***. “…what do you think is fair punishment?”

She looks over her shoulder, realizing she left the door open, and hopes no one is listening. Hoping to get away with a sensual disciplining, she offers “…A spanking Sir…..” He toys with her emotions, knowing she will submit to whatever he demands…and knowing the deep depth of his pet’s submissive needs despite her feeble protests. He moves towards her…as she shakes with intimidation…he lifts her chin with his fingertip…to his lips…he kisses her forcefully, passionately, her knees buckle from the sheer need she has for his touch.

“ A spanking…just a spanking you say…you have embarrassed me in front of my entire group…and you think only a spanking will suffice…interesting…”

He takes her hand and leads her from his office. She follows in silence like a scared puppy. Outside his office he stops and makes an announcement…
”Congratulations everyone…we have done a great job on our project and we deserve a celebration…My little pet Teri is here to help us…so I ask you all to join me in the conference room…including you Diane.”

She quickly looks towards him…wondering what he is planning…fearful of what it might me she pleads.

“P-p-please M-m-m-m-aster c-c-c-an’t we do this at home…please don’t make me….do…this.”

Even though she isn’t sure of what is happening, she senses it is going to be public, embarrassing, and degrading. Her mind reels with anxiety, as her panties begin to get creamy. He announces…

“We are going to have a “special” party, and my little Teri is going to be the entertainment…” Turning to her he says…”aren’t you baby.” Turning back to the 4 men and Diane he continues…”Would anyone like to see Teri dance?” As if on cue they answer in unison…”YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Her Master takes her hand again and assists her onto the conference table. She realizes that she is high enough now for everyone to see under her short skirt…her naked thighs and her sexy panties are now on display. Before leaving her on the table her Master puts his hands under her skirt and pulls her panties tight. Pulling the wet crotch high between the swollen hot pink lips of her sex. She pleads with him with her eyes but to no avail…she resigns herself to obey him…and when she hears the music begins to dance seductively…He whispers to her…”We both know how badly you need this…” as he slaps her ***…”…and before you are done you will learn to obey me totally.” He then turns to say something to Diane, who leaves the room to follow his instructions. Teri lets the music take over as her *** absorbs the sting of her Master’s knowing smack. She watches the men as her body moves sensually on the table…all eyes on her bare thighs and exposed ***** lips. She feels her slit begin to flow with the warm nectar of her arousal and moves more seductively…letting her hands travel up and down her sexy, sensuous body. The men began cheering, calling for her to *****…to “take it off” and she looks to her Master to please get her out of this situation before it goes too far. Diane returns with a salacious smirk on her face…handing her b oss a package. She turns to the dancing girl with a smug look and says…”We’ll see who’s *** is going to be tight now…” as she holds up a black leather belt and a red one-quart enema bag. Seeing this Teri quickly turns to her Master…”Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…please…don’t make me…please…I’ll do anything you want ….please I beg you don’t make me do this…n-n-n-not here….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee….not in front of everyone.” He asks everyone to leave them alone…for a few minutes, and requests that they set up the main office for the “special” activity they discussed earlier. Everyone leaves…laughing, knowing they are in for a lusty afternoon. Anxiously Teri kneels at her Master’s feet.

“Please Sir, do not punish me in front of everyone…I will obey you…and even apologize to Diane…I know I was rude…but I beg you …not to humiliate me in front of them.” He answers with a smile…

“It is what you need….and…what I want.”

He takes her by the hand and leads her into the main office. She gasps when she sees that the furniture has been all moved to make room for a sort of theatre. In the center of the room is a lounge-sofa…a backless couch with a broad sitting cushion and plenty of room for several people. Chairs have been placed randomly around the lounge so others obviously may watch what is going on on the couch. Standing in the center of the room…he announces…”How much is someone willing to donate to the Tsunami victims to have the privilege of removing my sexy pet’s skirt.

She cringes…”He is auctioning me off…oh god…I can’t….”

They begin bidding and the winner comes up front grinning. His hands shaking as he begins to remove her skirt. His hands slide under…caressing her sensitive *** cheeks. She feels her knees weaken and her ***** moisten heavily. She tries to remain calm…not wanting to show any emotion, but she has to bite her lip to prevent a moan as his fingers unhook her skirt and draw it down her stockinged thighs. Her Master nods towards her, and she steps out of the short skirt…embarrassed at being so lewdly on display. He spins her around…displaying her feminine charms to everyone. When he turns her she notices for the first time a very large facsimile of a male organ attached to the middle of the lounge, pointing towards the ceiling. She gasps…starting to realize that she is going to be performing for them. Diane hands her boss the bag she recently acquired at his request and again smirks vengefully at Teri Lee. Peter auctions off Teri’s red top…her bra…and finally the tiny black bikini panties. Teri whimpers slightly in a feeble plea to her Master for a reprieve. He places a single finger across her lips and tells her. “You know the rules…once a punishment has been decided upon…nothing else will occur until you have received the full punishment.”

In a hoarse voice Teri answers…”Yes Sir.” Her head bowed in submission.

Her master continues to announce her punishment …

“We are going to play a little game during the disciplining of “our” little pet today. He points to the ***** attached to the lounge. “This is a very special toy. For obvious reasons…” he laughs…” it is called the RHINO Rider and Reamer and has all times of special features. Besides being 12 inches long and 4 inches around, perfectly shaped to resemble a magnificent specimen of manhood, it has a pressure band around the base that when squeezed will cause it to ********* several streams of warm fluid into the person riding it. Also, it has the capability to give off a severe shock should the rider need to be reminded of purpose or a transcretion. Here Teri…let me show you…” He takes her hand and places it around the *****…he then pushes a remote control button…

“Owwwwwwwwwwww…” she pulls her hand away instantly…”That stings really hard.” She squeals in response. He rubs her hand to soothe it adding…

“And that was not full power…that is a feature you really do not want to use often…as you can see. Now our Pet here is very excited about our game…aren’t you?” he asks…as he slides a single finger between her legs and probes her naked sex. Holding it up…everyone can see it is copiously coated with her honey. “Feeling tingly aren’t you my Pet?” Her barely audible response is a hushed , whimpered…

“Y-y-y-y-es, Master” He continues…offering her his finger to suck on…She obeys…opening her lips and sliding them down to the knuckle. Tasting her creamy sweetness. “Tasty isn’t it Pet?” He furthers her humiliation…forcing her to answer…”Y-y-y-yes Master.” He smiles and adds…as he holds up the enema bag…

“To make sure our little sex Pet is comfortable she is going to have to take an enema…after all we don’t want her to be too stuffed, when the real fun starts do we?” Everyone laughs. He continues…

“While she is receiving the enema…” he holds up the belt…”I am going to remind her…several times …what happens to a Pet when she fails to obey.” Several rude comments can be heard throughout the room. He continues…

“Teri…pick a number from one to ten…” Caught by surprise she quickly answers. “Six” “Good …a nice number…and it is your number…the warm water will continue to fill your *** and belly, and the belt will continue to stripe your hot little ***, until you have caused or had a total of six *******.” Overcome with fear and anxiety…she gets on her knees and hugs his thigh…”Please Sir…please don’t make me do this.” He smiles wickedly at her…saying

“You will do this and more…this will be a statement day for you …you will learn to obey me or you will be gone.” He points again to the obscenely standing *****.

“You will be riding this as you receive your punishment…I want to see your *** moving up and down this **** constantly…if your *** stops moving for more than five seconds…you will feel the shock deep in your hot little *****…I want to see that *** bouncing…Do you understand?” She whimpers…

“Y-y-yes Master.” He instructs her further…”Now kneel on the couch and lubricate this ****…since I am sure you do not want to take it dry…

She realizes she has no choice but to yield to her Master…and kneels on the lounge…her naked loins spread wide as she displays her feminine charms to all present. “ They can see everything I have like this…I feel so ashamed…yet I feel so excited…He is so right this is something I need …I can’t help who I am….” Obscenely she begins to lick and suck the fake **** into her mouth…letting her saliva drool along the length and coat the large bulbous head. “ God this thing is huge…It is almost as big as a Rhino’s horn….I can hardly get my mouth around the head…what is it going to do to my *****….”

Peter instructs four of the guys to each take a limb…and together they lift her, positioning her aroused body on top of the RHINO Rider. Slowly they let it spread the pouting lips of her *****…her eyes widened as the head slides inside…stretching her wide open…filling her tight feminine canal like never before…A fifth man stands in front of her….opening his pants and removing them. His **** rigid and pointing straight in the air after watching her *****, swallow the ***** and be humiliated. Peter instructs her…

“Now Pet…move that ***….” He turns to Diane…”Is the bag filled…make sure it is warm and soapy….makes it harder to hold that way…and use a little hot sauce from the kitchen to spice up the tip…she likes it hot…as you all can see.”

Diane takes the full red bag and hangs it close by….spreading Teri’s asscheeks wide open…She teases her tight little hole with the long slender tip…and then slowly inserts the entire length into the sensitive opening of her rectum…As she inserts the tube she comments…

“Not so tight now is it….I have the feeling by the time you are done today….you will be much looser.” She smacks her naked *** as she applies pressure…watching with pleasure as the long nozzle disappears inside Teri’s writhing ***. The delicious lust filled sensations flowing through her body cause Teri to moan with heated desire….the long black tube filling her *******, barely touching the huge ***** imbedded in her wet ***** through the thin wall of membrane separating the two delicate canals. Her hips riding the long thick ***** she moans outloud…as the water begins to flow into her belly.

”Please oh god please touch meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…my *****…rub my ****…please …..”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her pleas are answered with the crack of the leather strap on her naked bucking asscheeks. She screams…

“OWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….” Her Master grabs a handful of her blonde ponytail…and pulls her face towards the rampant **** of the man standing in front of her…he says to her…as she moans with acceptance…

“Unless you want your belly to explode from the water….you better get busy sucking some **** …Remember you need six *******…yours and the men who you are sucking…Go ahead my Pet…show these guys what a wonderful mouth and tongue you have…” Driven by the need for release, the flow of water and the stinging in her red hot *** Teri begins to lick and suck the hard male flesh in her mouth. Her head bobbing up and down the entire length….lips tight around the head…sinking down hard to engulf his hardon. Sucking him…desperately trying to drain his balls quickly. She reaches out to cradle his *** laden balls, while her hips ride up and down the plastic phallus. Her white hot ***** stretched tight around the thick toy. She rides it hard…pistoning it in and out of her tight feminine slit.

Knowing that she cant stop to rest…fearful of the dreaded shock she will receive and lustfully needing to reach her release. To feel her body explode in ecstasy. No longer concerned about the others watching her degradation…needing to feel the hard **** in her mouth spurt thick streams of his *** as well as the **** in her ***** to go deeper and deeper…filling her burning ***** to the hilt.


The head of the huge **** touching her cervix,as she plunges her ***** up and down the thick pleasing shaft. The **** in her mouth swells with excitement and she feels the first jets of his release. A warm spurt of his ***** hits the back of her throat. She fights hard to swallow…savoring the taste and the feeling of being their cumslut. Her own need to climax causes her to sink lower, wrapping her ***** lips around the pressure band at the base of the RHINO Rider. It shoots a stream of “***” into her spasming *****. She moans around the pistoning **** in her mouth…her body going rigid…hanging in ecstasy for several seconds before bursting in a tumultuous ******. Her fingers clutching the cushions, her limbs stiff…her torso shaking as she is filled with sexual delight, he slides his **** from her mouth, the last spurt hitting her face and dripping off her chin onto her swaying ****. Someone announces “Next” and Andy’s place is taken by Carl. Teri thinks to herself as the second **** slides into her greedy, talented mouth. “They are all seeing me acting like a street *****…a sex starved little **********….and not only am I powerless to stop them…I want it! This huge **** in my ***** feels so good…and when it **** it fills my ***** with it’s *** …feels so good…” Her lips begin their magic on Carl’s ****. It isn’t quite as thick as Andy’s but just as long and quickly fills her mouth. His balls are full from watching her degradation and her sexual performance and quickly he begins to slide in and out of her mouth. His hands grabbing her long hair while he rides her mouth. Trying to regain her composure from her ****** Teri slows down her rhythmic hips…”Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt” Her Master pushes the remote button and her ***** is flooded with the sharp sting of the electric shock. It shoots through her feminine slit, zapping her ******* and **** as well…even causing her highly aroused nipples to throb from the smarting sensations. She screams despite having a mouthful of hard male flesh. “Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” He warns her to “Keep your hands away from your *****…it does after all belong to me…”

Immediately she begins bouncing her hips again up and down the RHINO…going all the way down the 14 inch shaft to feel the warm ejaculations that her ***** craves, and desperate to avoid any more shocks from the relentless **** spreading her girlie slit.. The enema continues to fill her *** and belly, while the whipping belt stays relentless. Her body and mind are overwhelmed with so many different yet sexually stimulating feelings she feels she will pass out. “My ***** is on fireeeeeeeeeeee…I hate to let them see me enjoying my body being used like this …but I can’t help it…the belt on my ***… the tube buried in my *******…and the ***** in my ***** and my mouth….I’m going to *** …againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” She feels Carl pull her hair harder…as he thrusts his *** spewing **** deep into her velvety throat. He groans loudly as his **** empties another warm heavy load into her belly. The frantic, wild girl begins moaning around the shaft in her throat. “MMMMpppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…mmmmmmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….” Her *** bouncing wildly….up and down the thick RHINO as it shoots another creamy stream into her burning *****, igniting her second climax. Her body writhes madly through her ****** …so intense is it that she feels the need to pull and pinch her nipples, creating still more lascivious sensations throughout her system. Carl’s **** slides from her sucking mouth and again she hears…”Next….” This time it was Diane…”That evil *****…she really must be enjoying this…” Diane continues..

“C’mon you guys …our little ***** needs another ****….we don’t want her to go hungry now do we?” Everyone laughs as Dave steps in front of Teri…dropping his pants and rubbing his hard **** against her face. “ OK baby…do your thing…suck me dry…” Her lust, inflamed by his words and the wicked sting of the belt…Teri lowers her mouth over Dave’s hardon. Her *** cheeks blazing now from the constant whipping and her belly beginning to swell as if she were three months pregnant, she swirls her tongue around the plum shaped head of Dave’s ****.

Sucking him inside…anxiously needing to bring him to climax and stop the water flow into her bowels. From the corner of her eye she sees Diane add more water to the red bag…”Oh god pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me hold it…I just can’t lose the water…my Master will punish me severely for that….and I will be so humiliated…”She prays as she works the **** deeper. Constantly forcing her hips to ride the RHINO, not wanting another jolt from her Master… yet feeling wave after wave of lascivious joy with each plunge of her tightly filled ***** onto the plastic ****. Diane leans close …whispering in her ear…”Your *** better be tight now…*****…” as she opens the valve on the water tube a little wider…increasing the flow into Teri’s bowels. “That woman…she seems to be loving this…no matter what…I won’t let her get to me…I just wish someone would touch my clitty…it is so hard…soooooooooooooooooo sensitive… is driving me crazy.” Teri tightens her lips around the hardon ******* her mouth…slowly she drags her full lips from the base to the tip. Dave’s head falls back as he surrenders his **** to her skillful lips. She does this several times. Drawing her lips down…sliding them back up…using all her techniques to being him to climax. He grips her head…thrusting his hips as his release rolls over him. “AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. Swallow it …you little ****…suck my balls dry…” The head of his **** pushes deeper…spitting his seed down her throat. She gags slightly… trying to swallow each spurt, feeling some drip from her mouth…again onto her gyrating ****. It feels hot…syrupy…creamy and ohhhh sooo good…. Dave’s ****** triggers her own…she bucks wildly on the *****…squeezing it…moaning over the *** spewing shaft….so close….”Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt” Master presses the shock button…Her aroused , lust filled ***** recoils from the sharp, intense sting of the *****.

She screams…. ”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…oh god please Master…I need to *** …please let me…” She tries to ride the stiff toy again…her *** thrusting up and down as Diane escorts Dave from her mouth and ushers in a fourth hard ****. Bill is an older guy…who has had dreams of Teri’s hot *** since he first laid his eyes on her about three months ago. Diane instructs her…”Open wide ****…” and pulls her hair. “We don’t want your belly to explode …so you better get his **** sucked in a hurry.” The stinging sensations in her ***** finally ebbing Teri again begins to suck another ****…hoping her ***** will *** before she takes more water in her *******.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Master continues his merciless assault on her naked, obscenely bouncing asscheeks. Her reddened *** numb to anymore pain…each stroke from her Master’s belt now feeling like a sensuous caress to her over stimulated torso. She spreads her legs wider, hoping to sink the ***** deeper …trying to quench the wanton need between her legs. Her head begins a rhythmic bobbing motion as her tongue slides over the bulbous head of Bill’s ****. She is desperate… desperate to stop the water…desperate to feel the **** spout Bill’s seed…desperate to please her Master….and….desperate for release …for satisfaction of the unquenchable desire in her ***** for more…. She rides the RHINO…harder…faster…feeling her climax approaching again… She sucks the hard ****…she blows the hard ****…reduced to being the ***** she needs to be…reduced to being their toy…by the incessant need in her ***** for fulfillment. She moans….thrusting her tight girlie hole all the way down…”Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt”

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…I was sooooo closeeee……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god I can’t stand it…I need to *** so bad….”

She pulls her mouth reluctantly off the thick **** buried in her mouth…”Please Master….I need to ***….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I do anything you want…just let me ***…my clitty is so hot…I’ll blow the whole building…I’ll **** anyone…please Master…let me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I’m begging you.” She immediately went back to sucking Bill’s rampant erection. Licking, swallowing, sucking, …anything to make his *** fill her hungry mouth. When Bill's **** finally erupts in her hungry mouth her Master stops the sction and the men lift Teri off the huge plastic ****. Quickly she wobbles off the the bathroom....pushing a finger in to her pouty ******* to prevent the water from drippig out. After voiding the enema...she crawls back into the main office hoping this will soften her Master and prevent any further humiliaytion or punishment.

To be continued...

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Hot as ****.

Great story. Butt where's the rest? If you need help with it... holler heh

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