Taking The Next Step

i am a 45 year old submissive male looking for someone to love, adore and serve. i am married and have children and have every intention of maintaining my family life. while i have had a few online "encounters," i have never had a real, long-term, committed submissive relationship, which is what i am seeking. i have been contemplating this type of relationship for a long time (nearly 10 years) and thus am willing to be patient to find the right partner.

Honestly, i am not sure what a relationship would look like for someone like me, who is married, and intends to remain that way. i do know that my wife is not interested in this sort of relationship and that i desperately wish to explore these desires. i am not looking for role play, but for a real relationship (although much of the communication may be on line, or by phone).

i realize that taking this step means learning to appreciate what someone else wants, needs, and likes and not focusing on my particular desires and fantasies. i am willing to learn and explore.

i am hoping that people on this site will give me some ideas on how i might find someone who is interested in exploring this type of relationship with me.

thanks so much
willadoreYou willadoreYou
46-50, M
Jul 21, 2010