Every time I meet a new submissive one of the frist questions ask of me is " what kind of punishment do you use ?"
I would like to know what is your favorite or even least favorite punishment .....that includes Dom"s and subs .

I love to keep my sub wondering , always coming up with something new .......just like the other day we were cleaning the carpet and we have one of those plastic office chair runners ( yea you know the one ) well I moved it out of the way to clean the carpet . A few minutes later it had fallen upside down and I hadnt realized it , well I stepped back and OMG........It felt like a hundred little needles going into each foot ! Well after I stopped fussing (cursing to tell the truth ) I thought to myself ......this would work great under my wooden pony :)
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Owww. That'd leave dents, lol.<br />
<br />
I've had the unfortunate experience of stepping on one of those, too. Not fun.

yep and lots of then...lol

I know those runners, stepped on one myself once upon and time and "ouch" is an understantment.

Sky and Celtic you are both just cruel ;-) I hate ****** denial! I should keep my mouth shut ;-P

ha ...we know your weakness....but would never do it to such a good friend ...heheh...not!

Yeah I put my foot in that one...!

aww yes ruby .....****** denial another one of my favorites....lol..beingme ..its a saw horse that is just a tad bit taller that the submissives croch ...if you get my drift

Oh... I get it lol

wink :)

LOL Celtic... I think mental punishments work well... they can be as much if not more tormenting than physical ones. ****** denial would SUCK ;-)