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I would like to know why if you are a BDSM sub/slave, why some people assume that you're bisexual, I am straight, I will never be into girls: that doesn't mean I am against bisexuals having girl on girl sex, I just wonder why people make the assumption that you are. I am mystified as to why they do.

I also am mystified why if you are a sub/slave or master, why some people on some sites think you are into ******, child abuse or anything else of a criminal or taboo kind. Most people into BDSM are not into these things, why some perverts believe you would be is beyond me: some will even send you pictures via email and to enjoy them, and say nothing negative.

If you EVER send me any pictures I will block and report you.

I also would like to know why if you clearly state you have a master, you are owned, why potentional m,asters ask if you will skype/msn/yahoo etc. with them. As I have a master, if you think I will you are wrong, I am not public property, and my master doesn't run a charity pimping agency for lonely masters.

I have no problem having Masters as friends ONLY, but that's the limit - no skype or such like.
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A men to that !!!

Submission is a choice and a honor and its for the person who has earned that gift of your submission. The internet is flooded with wannabes! I switch , naturally dominant, but known to be submissive if I come across a Dominate who can tame me. <br />
I come across fakers who only want to be slaves so I can fake force them to do things they really want to do while not owning up to their sexuality.

i know all this can be sexual,but for me,its has to be so much more to it than that.
the knowing ive pleased Her.the feeling secure and aceppted.being truly cared for.
it seems to me ther can hardly be a closer relation ship.

I do miss playing this way! I may have to get back into the lifestyle. It's so natural to me.

Thank You!I have had to so many times say,"Im straight!!Yes im a baby.Yes im submissive,i<br />
state on my profile that im straight.Did you bother to read it?" Jeeesh!

I have to fully agree with both before me . What your dealing with is a bunch of wannabes or just plain immature people , and that gives the rest of us that do understand the lifestyle a bad name. <br />
Flog them all.... Lol

Love your choice of pics

come on! lets get em!

people will twist and turn BDSM into something it is not. Shure there is a seedy side as there is in vanila. But most who I know are very strict and keep to a code or more of a rule ba<x>se. BDSM takes far more effort. It is never just "Hi honey I am home!" there is a protocol, or role, a series of training the slave or submissive. My wife My slave serves My purpouse. We/we are verry happy by ourselves. Nore do I allow anyone to abuse her because she is a slave. she enjoys My complete protection in all places and situations. she choses her path her limits, as do you with your Master. This is not forced upon you. Each seine 24/7 or weekend you choose. It is intersting and fun and it stays fresh. Sure life gets in the way as with any relationship at times. But when you have to work hard for something you appreciate it more. you sound like a good girl. Stay real and true to yourself. Life is a beautiful ride.