Prerequisites For Male Submission

I am a dominant bi-sexual female. My first submissive was and still is my step brother who is just over three years younger. My partner and I shared the experience of introducing him into the world of submission. There are some pre-requisites for the experience to be successful and satisfying.
First, the submissive must be introduced to panties before anything else and must always wear panties. My step brother started by wearing mine and shortly after I learned this I helped him buy his own. He wears pantybriefs, thongs, bikinis and also wears pantyhose and panty girdles at times. The next requirement is restraints. We took him to be fitted with restraints and bought both leather and metal ankle and wrist restraints. A slave collar is essential along with a leash. He had been wearing a harness that kept a butt plug in place and included a cockring. We added a restrainting belt to this which was essentially the same thing with a wider belt with wrist restraints.  This can be worn with or without the cockring and butt plug so it can be used over clothing if we take him out somewhere, The final essential is diapers and plastic panties.
Spanking is also essential. We made him pick out the instruments used for his training as we call them: a leather strap, a switch, a short whip and a cane and when he is to be punished he must bring us the instrument as well as come with ankle and wrist cuffs on to be restrained for the spanking.
Without the above its difficult to train a submissive
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Are you looking for another submissive to train? I am new at this, but would be willing to follow all your rules